Fun Art Journaling Idea!

My girl, Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter, did it again!  She came up with a brilliant idea for art journal pages, scrapbook pages, cards, multi-media art work, or just as they are:  painted book pages!

I have mentioned I was given an old set of encyclopedias.  I am using the book pages for many art journaling projects.  Lindsay Mod Podged her book pages and painted an acrylic image on the dried pages.  I purchased several 2 oz. bottles of Mod Podge at the Dollar Tree, some in gloss and some in matte finishes, for my Bible Journaling class kits.  (I bought 3 times the amount needed for my classes.  I was purchasing the supplies for the kits before I actually had the class sign-up details.) So I grabbed a 2 oz. bottle of matte finish, mod podged several pages, and let them dry overnight.

Using a few of Lindsay’s ideas and a seed catalog that came in the mail two days ago, I painted several different flowers on the pages.  On one, I painted mini-pumpkins in all sorts of unexpected colors as a practice for tonal ranges. I painted 11 pages of  flowers, pumpkins and leaves.

This was a quick and easy way to use up the left over paint in my Sta-Wet palette, and wonderful for sketching images with a paint brush, shading, tonal studies and just general painting practice.  These small paintings will work well in all sorts of multi-media applications.  I’m mod podging a couple of them to a box which will sit on my work table and hold my most used glues and adhesives.

If you need a small project, something to kick-start your creativity, this is a good one.  Quick, simple, cheap and fun!  What more could we ask for?



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