Don’t Do This

with your wood handled paint brushes…

Do Not leave them in water while you run upstairs because of a kid emergency, then get ready for an evening out and come home late, try to sleep unsuccessfully, come down to your work room and find…

A brush lounging in the water, with the wood handle swollen up and split.

And this is why I recommend acrylic handled paint brushes.  I cannot tell you how many brushes have bit the big one because life calls me away in the middle of a project and the water splits the handle.  Occasionally, the handle will swell up, then shrink back down and the ferrule (the metal part between the bristles and the handle) will fall off. I have reattached them with hot glue with mixed results.

Brush Set

My favorite acrylic handled brushes

Remember people:  Do as I say, NOT what I do.  Your poor brushes deserve better treatment than mine get!  Mine tremble with fear as I reach for them, never knowing if these are their last productive moments on earth…Hoping I will be kind and not forget them in their murky water-loo…

Love your brushes, people.  Love them, I tell you!


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