Hold On-This is a Game Changer!

Okay, I was feeling lousy and bought a sample pack of cheesecake.  It came in a small (6 1/2″ round) plastic disposable cake container.  You know, the kind that holds a decorated cake at the bakery.  Only, this one was small, which is the point.

This will make a perfect DIY wet palette for Plein Air painting.  Simply cut a piece of faux-chamois cloth in the size of the base of your cake container.  I use distilled water in my sta-wet palette, but tap water will work too.  Because there are tunnels in the base plastic, the water can drain into those if you should get your chamois cloth to wet to start.  Just get it wet, ring it out so it’s damp and put it on the bottom part of the cake holder.

Cut a couple pieces of parchment paper (or wax paper if that’s all you have) and put those on top of the damp chamois cloth.Spritz your paper with a spray bottle of water so it’s just damp, not wet.  You don’t want to add your paint and have it run all over the place.

Add your paint choices.  If you are going to cover and travel with your palette, spritz your paints with water or palette wetting spray and cover with the top.  Take your water spriting bottle with you to keep your paints moist while you’re out painting.

Hey!  I bet this would work with full sized cake packaging too.  My original DIY stay wet palette let me down and I actually purchased a Sta-Wet palette.  I find this starts to smell funky after only a couple days.  I only use distilled water with my Sta-Wet palette and it smells anyway…

Now if the expensive one ends up smelling with great care taken to prevent it, I wonder if the cake tray idea would work better?  And if the DIY one smells after a couple days-so what?  The expensive one does too.  I think it’s time for a side by side test of both…

I will let you know what the results are after my experiment.

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