Enough is Enough!

On my desk is stuff for jewelry making, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, set design, color charts, art journals and pastels.

That is on my desk right now.

Enough is Enough!

Alright, that was on my desk.  I took a break from writing and cleaned my work room.  I cleared off the desk, vacuumed, put things away, emptied trash and water jugs and straightened up my work space.  I made a desk top organizer from an empty tissue box and toilet paper tubes.  It holds my pens, palette knives, ink dusters, water brushes, glue sticks, tape rolls, pencils and foam brushes.  I cleared the area behind my desk and now it only holds the most used items, rather than being a catch-all for everything.  I found a better spot for my canvasses.  I put my art journal materials in an empty canvas tote, which sits behind my computer, along with my finished paintings.  I made a flower outline stamp, which I will use to make tonal ranges of each of my most used colors.  The flower has nine petals with a center, which is 10 spots.  Perfect for the scale.

I packaged the watercolor cards I am donating to the auction for the youth groups fund raiser this Saturday.  Right now I’m making a sign for the display.

The tonal color chart is based on Clive’s tutorial.  Clive is one of my favorite you tube artists.  His studio has these color charts hanging in it.  Clive uses a gray scale, it’s often hanging beside his easel.  This is something I rarely use, and really should.  Thus the exercise in tonal values.  The chart isn’t complete yet, but I did make tremendous progress today.

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