Storage And…

the hot glue sticks have arrived!

Yes, the 25 pounds of glue sticks are here!

They are the long kind, so I have cut several of them in half and put in my hot glue stick box which I keep in the cupboard.  An additional gallon zip lock bag is filled and stored beneath my work table.  The remaining glue sticks are in the box and stored outside of the workroom.

Why do I give you these details?  Because my storage solutions may work for you as well.  Or they may give you an idea for your own storage needs.

We all have different storage requirements, different supplies, different spaces.  But we all have to store our stuff somehow.  If I offer my ideas and solutions for my own storage needs, you will have more information with which to develop a workable plan for your own space.

Here’s my current storage situation:

I use 8-9 hole cube storage units.

These are stacked on top of each other and lined up against the back wall of my work room.  Each canvas tote is labeled with the contents and organized in logical order for me.

I have two cupboards along the wall where my work space is, one holds my watercolor palettes and paints, and the other holds my inks and mediums.  A shoe storage cube directly behind my chair holds my most used supplies.  Beside my computer I have a 4 drawer rolling cart with two 3 drawer units on top of that.  These hold my acrylic paints, separated by color family.


The plastic drawers hold my acrylic paints

The bookshelves my husband built hold both my books and my “shoe box” totes of various supplies.  The totes are labeled clearly.  Several are for specific projects and include everything needed for that project, including scissors and adhesives.  I purchased 10 or so scissors during a huge sale and have included one in each tote.  When I get in the mood to make whatever it might be, I simply grab that tote and start.  There is no hunting for any necessary supplies as they are all included within the tote.  This gives me the opportunity to create things immediately as I am in the mood to do it.  The bookshelves are hidden behind white curtains, which gives my eyes a place to rest.  The smaller bookshelf unit beside the door holds my watercolor papers, my art books, and my treasures.


The white bookcases are without the curtains in this picture, but they are up now.

The wall opposite my desk area holds a cupboard, enamel topped table raised up on the plastic bed risers from Dollar General, plastic drawer storage holding my stamps, pads and all my scrapbook-type materials, two rolling storage units beneath the table, my foam core ribbon storage unit which I made from Lindsay’s tutorial.  While this is a temporary solution for me-it’s not working as well as I had hoped-it works for right now until I can find a more permanent ribbon solution.

My walls are also used for storage.  I have two peg boards, painted dark pink, which hold my most used tools and metal buckets with decorative scissors, punches and canvas hanging tools and accessories.  I have several bulletin boards which hold my calendar, paint technique samples, pictures and color wheels.  Above my acrylic mediums storage unit, I have the dollhouse my FIL built for my daughters when they were young.  It holds my treasured dolls, photographs and dragons.

On the enamel topped table I have 20 small tool bins.  These are smaller than the ones I made myself from foam core, but they were only .43 cents at the time I bought them.  I plan to spray paint them a more suitable color, perhaps dark pink or black.  I also have a five drawer storage unit I picked up at Michael’s two weeks ago for 10 bucks.  I have separated the drawers into three sections each with foam core and plan to put my inexpensive colored pencils and watercolor pencils in there.  In the drawer space beneath the enamel tabletop I have my new pastel art box which I showed you in a previous post:

Beneath my work desk I have my totes with the materials to make my own art supplies and my larger glues, which I decant into smaller containers, denatured alcohol and my cleaning supplies.  On the shelf above that area I have my gallon jugs of distilled water, my two milk jugs-one with clean water and one which holds dirty paint water and baby wipes.  We don’t have running water in the basement where my workroom is, so I store water in empty milk gallons and refill/empty as needed.  The drawer and cupboard beneath my work desk hold my fluid  acrylic and craft paints, glycerine, rubbing alcohol, mixed media materials, q-tips, sponges, extra baby wipes and metallic paints.

My homemade spray inks and dyes are stored in the back room in my paint area.  My canvases are currently being stored up against the furthest bookshelf and behind my large floor easel.  I definitely need a better option for the canvas storage.

Remember, using empty cardboard boxes works as storage too.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money on any of this.  Most of my storage boxes came from Dollar Tree.  My shoe box totes came from there, and so did my metal buckets which I hang on my pegboards.  Just remember, sometimes you can find even less expensive storage options at secondhand stores.  Almost all of my rolling cart storage came from Goodwill for a fraction of the cost of new.  The heavy plastic 3 drawer units which hold my acrylic paints also came from there.

I’ve made storage boxes with shelves by using sturdy cardboard and hot glue, then covering it with contact paper purchased at Dollar Tree.  The plastic milk carton-type boxes which hold my extra art supplies came from Goodwill, as did the three very ugly hardboard hat boxes which I recovered and use to store my hot glue, candle making materials and glues and adhesives.

Organization and storage are real issues for me, and I spend an inordinate amount of time at it.  Nevertheless, it is well worth it to have my stuff organized in a way that works for me. I hope I have given you some ideas which you can incorporate into your own space.  At the very least, I hope I have given you encouragement to organize your stuff if you need to.  It really is a wonderful feeling to know everything you have and exactly where is is.

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