Today’s Projects And Art Journal Suggestions


Watercolor Card


Faber Castell gel sticks in red and orange, SMI chalk pastel sticks in purple. Back grounds in Artist Loft pastel sticks.

I followed a tutorial by Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter.  She has tutorials on everything!  Since I am just learning to use this form of media, I enjoy following along with a tutorial.  I found I really, really, enjoy pastels.  I had so much fun with these two dancers.  These were very quick, easy pictures to do.  I put them in my art journal-the one I use to try out new art materials-which is why they both have the materials listed at the bottom of the pages.

Art journals are the perfect place to try out your materials.  It is a small page (9 x 12 in mine), which makes it less intimidating to tackle.  If it turns out lousy, so what!  It’s just a piece of paper!  Turn the page and make something else.  Don’t let yourself get tense or nervous about the activity, just let yourself play.  My favorite art journal is the Strathmore Visual Journals.  These are wonderful journals.  My preference is the watercolor journals, as they can take any media I throw at them. These are inexpensive art journals and you will be able to try all sorts of techniques out with them.

Here is a very detailed review of art journals:  Barb Owen Art Journal Review There were several ideas and suggestions in this review.

I used the composition notebook idea for my Bible Journaling classes.  They were very inexpensive at the beginning of the school year which saved me some money when I was making the kits for the classes.  They worked well for the class and for the techniques we used in them.  I was very pleased, actually, with the way they held up for us.  Composition notebooks are another very inexpensive option for an art journal, and one I have used several times.

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