Haul and Cheap Storage

New supplies arrived today.  Jerry’s Artarama had a huge sale and I took advantage of it.  I bought an inexpensive wood box ($9.99) for my pastels and gelatos, as I am tired of scrounging through a tote for them.  I also purchased an inexpensive set of soft pastels by Mungyo.  30 full sized sticks for $24.99.  I am excited to use them.  My last purchase was an Art Sherpa recommended acrylic color by Golden.  Since Golden only goes on sale twice a year, I took this opportunity to add Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold to my palette.

The box, which I now wish I had purchased more of, holds all my current pastels, gelatos and water soluble oil pastels.  I have a lot of non-water soluble oil pastels and media which would certainly fill another box.  I also have many pencils, strays and inexpensive sets, which would fill another box.  Perhaps my next purchase will be this:  3 Drawer Storage Unit

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