Watercolor Paintings and Woops!

Today I thought I’d do something I haven’t in awhile.  Watercolor painting.  I’ve made several cards and a few paintings so far today.

One painting was done with my Inktense Watercolor Pencils.  I noticed after I pulled out the trays that both had broken on the ends.  I don’t know if it’s because they became brittle over time or what the deal is, but they were cracked and broken.

Before thinking things through, I removed the pencils and hot glued foam core to the bottoms and the interiors of the trays.  They are much sturdier now, however the lid does not close tightly.  I currently have the tin wrapped with an elastic headband.


The reason for this is simple.  The hot glue warped the spaces for the pencils, causing the pencils to be raised in some places.  This has annoyed me as much as finding the trays broken in the first place.  Had I given this any thought before I did it, I would have realized it was very likely to melt or distort the trays (which are just flimsy plastic).  But…I had foam core all over my desk along with my hot glue gun plugged in…Stupid thing to do, when double sided tape would have held just as well…

So now I am seriously annoyed with myself and there is no way to fix it.  I tried.  I removed the back pieces of foam core, but the trays are still warped enough to prevent the lid from closing tightly.  I am doomed to have an elastic headband around my very expensive Inktense pencils.

Here’s the take-a-way:  Just because you have a brilliant idea for fixing something, take a minute and think it through.  What could go wrong here?  Is it really worth fixing?  How annoyed am I by the brokenness?  Because I can assure you, I am far more irritated by the elastic band than I was by the crumbling trays…

Edited to add:

DH came home from work and cut pieces of sign board for me.  He makes signs for work and had scraps which would work for the pieces in my broken trays.  While he cut the sign board, which is thinner than foam core, I removed all the foam core from the trays.  I cut pieces of cereal boxes for the tops of the trays and used the sign board for the bottom of the trays.

While the tin box does not secure tightly, it does shut.  I still have the elastic band around the tin for security, but the trays are fantastic!  The sign board is very sturdy and he cut the pieces to fit the trays.  They are perfect!  I can remove the trays easily without bending or further damage to the plastic.

DerWent, if you are listening:  Please make stronger trays for your products.  They cost quite a bit of money, are an investment really, and should be safe within your packaging.  They are not if the trays disintegrate after a year with very gentle use.

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