Today’s Projects

This morning was spent making signs for the girl scout cookie booth.  Their theme is Dr. Seuss.  I made clouds, balloons, and will begin the poster for the front of the table shortly.  I also made three more pages of paint recipes using Southern Ocean Blue, Cadmium Red Light and Alizarine Crimson, with Titanium White.  These colors gave me some stunning greens and some lovely chromatic blacks.  I even had luck with some skin tones.

There was a break in the work today, as my daughter and I had to run to the store for a few things.  While there, I found a binder on clearance for $6.29.  It is normally used for 12×12 scrapbooks, but I have put my Art Quest work in it.  Everything fits perfectly!  I can’t believe I didn’t think of a scrapbook before now…

The beauty of this is now I know I’ll be able to find others.  I have struggled with the binder part of this.  Yes, you don’t need one, but I like to have my stuff organized and neat.  The binder fits on my bookshelf with all my other stuff from other art classes.  It is clearly labeled and already filled.  I will have to continue my search online for inexpensive Darice binders.  Now that I found one for $6.29, it will be hard to pay more for them…

Darice 3-ring Binder

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