Ikea, and why you are lucky

Everybody and their brother has heard of Ikea.  Everybody shops at Ikea.

I have never set foot in Ikea.

The reason is simple:  there are none around here.  The closest one to my home is a couple hours away, in a different state.   Since it’s near Chicago, a place I have been several times but would hate to drive in, I won’t be going to Ikea any time soon.

The reason you are lucky is because you have access to an Ikea, with all it’s wonderful bargains!  The item I have wanted is this:  the Raskog Utility Cart.  I wanted the one in turquoise, but I see they aren’t carrying that color any longer.

I happened to find something very similar on clearance at Michael’s yesterday.  It is a three tiered cart, only the tiers are like baskets rather than solid like the Ikea cart.  It was originally 39.99 but I bought it for 15.99.  I also picked up four more clear 12 x 12 Iris storage boxes for scrapbook papers. They were each 3.99 rather than the usual 9.99.  I also picked up the Reeves brand gouache’, 18 count and the Niji Pearlescent 16 color watercolor set.  My total at Michael’s with my one item @ 40% off and the entire order @ 15% off was $44.79!  Which would be nearly the cost of the three tiered cart at regular price.

Now, Michael’s is not my favorite store by any means.  I find their store brand, Artist Loft, to be of very poor quality in paints.  Although their alcohol based markers have worked well for me with my other alcohol based markers, and their papers have been fine for practice paintings and classroom activities.  However, since most of my work is with watercolor and acrylic painting, they have let me down in those two areas.  However, I was thrilled with my cheap purchases yesterday!  There are times when Michael’s has stupendous sales, and yesterday I lucked out on those.

Back to Ikea.

I would love to have a store like Ikea near by.  Imagine the wonderful additions to the workroom:  Craft room storage

Before and After Picture

Craft Space set up in an Ikea store

More desk and storage ideas

Another craft room

delightful work desk

the perfect drawers for what I need

I hope those of you with an Ikea nearby take advantage of the wonderful storage options you have available to you.  There is no store in this area which carries these types of things.  I am wondering how well the furniture wears, but since I have no one around me who has any of the above mentioned items, I have no way of knowing.  If you do, please let me know in the comments.  I would appreciate it.

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