Frugal Project Planner

I am making a small project planner for our home improvements and ideas for our new home construction.  I purchased a 9″ by 7 1/2″ three ring binder from Walmart, similar to these:  3 ring binders

The size is the same as the Avery 2″ mini-binders.  The page protectors and inserts fit into the pretty binder I found.  However, the page protectors and papers were more expensive than the binder was on clearance.  I decided to make it work with what I have at home.

There were several partially used notebooks with lined paper in them.  I snipped the wire which holds the notebook together and removed the pieces with a pliers.  I measured the size paper I needed for the planner and made a cardboard template.  After marking the paper where it needed to be cut, I used my dumpster-dived guillotine paper cutter.  (DH found it in a dumpster outside of a school where they were remodeling.  He was delivering to the school and also snagged some cupboards for our garage.)

After cutting lined paper to size, I used a three hole punch-moved to the correct spots-and punched holes in the papers.  I did the same with plain white cardstock and added that to the book.  This way, if I have an idea I want to sketch I have the plain paper to do that on.

The binder was clearanced for 2.47, if I remember correctly, and the notebook I used to fill it was .82 cents, the card stock came from a package of 50 from Walmart.  Let’s say they cost 1.50.  For less than 5 bucks,  I have an adorable, usable planner with all the paper I could want.  The process took about a half hour to cut all the papers and then punch them, but I had nothing better to do with my time so that doesn’t bother me.  I have 5 separate sections with three sheets of card stock per section.  I have approximately 150 sheets of lined paper, divided into the 5 sections.  Each section will be labeled and I have scraps of patterned scrapbook papers which I will use as the dividers.  I will be adding pockets to the binder to hold paint samples, receipts, fabric samples, measurements, etc.

Not a bad little DIY project, should you find yourself in need of a project planner.

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