Two More Journals

completed today.  I also made a couple art journal pages.  And a few hundred paper beads.

The Secret challenge continues for me.  I admit I’ve had trouble focusing my thoughts the last three days.  This is not going to help me attract positive things to me.  One thing I’ve added to my meditation-type-concentration-thing-I-do-in-the-shower:  I think and say out loud “I am full and very satisfied”.  My goal is to lose a few pounds this year as well.  Nothing crazy, but I would like to shed a bit.

I saw something interesting on you tube a few minutes ago.  56 ways to use Plastic Bottles.

Since I’m all about reduce, reuse, refuse, and recycle I found this a fascinating video.  Now, it’s possible I missed a few of his ideas, as I was working on art journals as I watched, but I didn’t see him making daubers from the bottle caps-which I do.  Nor did I see him making funnels from the tops of the bottles-which I use all the time.  I also failed to see the making of plastic beads for jewelry.  And twisted icicles to use as Christmas ornaments.

There!  I added four more ideas, giving you a total of 60 ways to use plastic bottles.

Honestly, some of his ideas are brilliant!  Check it out.

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