Improved Ideas!

Really, I need to talk with my husband more often.

We chat, but rarely have an in-depth discussion anymore.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been married 30 years…  Maybe we just know each other so well we know what the other will say before we discuss anything…Maybe we’re just to tired to talk at the end of our day…Whatever it is, we should have in-depth discussions more often.

DH and I went out for dinner Friday night.  I was thinking about my really great idea for products I hope to sell.  I started throwing some ideas around.  He said he really didn’t understand what I meant when I explained the products to him.  He said he was in the middle of creating a presentation for work and couldn’t focus on what I was texting.

This was a wonderful moment, people!  He was interested but confused.  I explained it all over again and he was very encouraging.  DH did say he was a bit concerned about my having to present the idea to a corporation for their production and distribution capabilities.  I explained there was no way I could create enough of these to make it worth doing.  It would take me hours and hours to make just one…

Which was when he suggested something that had never occurred to me. Sell my products on line by PDF!  This eliminates the production and distribution problem all together!  Did I mention I think my husband is the smartest guy I’ve ever met?

So this is my current plan.  Create the products and sell them digitally.  I am working on original art work for the project and have been enjoying that.  This is going to take me awhile to pull together, but I am excited about the project.  I’ll keep you updated.

Today’s frugal/free project:  homemade pastel daubers. 

Since I would like to use eye shadows in place of the pan pastels, I really couldn’t justify buying the tools normally used for the techniques until I know I love it.  So I made my own.

I had a bag of different sizes of make up sponges.  These are the actual sponges, not the triangular white wedges you find in the bags at Dollar Tree or where ever…I used wooden craft sticks and handles from broken paint brushes to attach the sponges to the handles.  Later I found baby spoons at a second hand store and attached sponges to those too.

I also used empty plastic containers and their tops for daubers.  I used the triangle wedges for these.  I had used these little containers to hold left over paint before I bought the Sta Wet pallet.  Unfortunately, they were not air tight and my paints dried in them.  Rather than throw them away, I glued a wadded up wedge into the bottom of the container.  I glued two wedges together and folded them over, making a smooth bump.  I glued that inside the plastic container, on top of the base wedge.  For the covers of these little containers, I just used one wedge, folded over and glued, then glued into the top.

Now, you can use these daubers for more than just pastels.  You can use them with inks, daubing through stencils, rubbing color over texture paste, use for aging projects with some inks or markers.  Scribble your marker onto a sheet of packaging plastic and you will get a puddle of color which can be used with daubers or brushes on cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, multi-media projects, paintings, etc.  Use to apply metallic watercolors and metallic paints. The options go on and on.

I also worked on two art journals.

And I cleaned and organized my work room.  Again.

How does everything get scattered throughout the room when I work?  I think the stuff has legs and just walks away from the desk and scatters everywhere.

Did I mention I’m waiting for the 25 pounds of hot glue?  If it doesn’t show up today, I’ll be out again!





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