Today’s Projects

Make up Kit

The above picture of a make-up kit is my first project for the day.

I found a kit similar to this one at Goodwill for 8 dollars.  The kit I bought has 8 nail polishes, 4 blushes, 12 full sized lipstick tubes, two double sided lip glosses, two plastic tubs of lip gloss, four 12 color eye shadows, 4 smaller 4 color eye shadows, two plastic sets of various lip gloss and lip colors applied with brushes, and I think there were several more items in there.  This was brand new and unused.  The reason I bought it was for the case.  It is a beige plaid-I believe it’s called the Prince of Wales plaid-with a pull out tray and a large space beneath for things.  I was going to use it as an overnight toiletry/make-up/jewelry/phone and charger carrying case.  It is that large.

So I pulled all the make-up out of it and put it in my white, mirrored rotating make up caddy.  It was also a Goodwill purchase, has two doors that open with many compartments for make up and toiletries.  It is about 1 1/2 foot high and sits on a lazy susan type base.  It turns as needed.  The parts that hold lipstick tubes fold out for easy access.  This particular item was five dollars.

I found the tray was difficult to remove from the case, so I pulled apart the edges, attached ribbons on either end and hot glued the edges back together.  Now I have lovely ribbon handles to pull the tray out of the case.  I am delighted with the case, I have to say.

The make-up is in all colors, which means not all will work for my skin tone.  I believe that is why there was so much of it.  A case filled with make-up for every possible skin tone.  So I have new art materials to work with.

What?  Make up as art supplies?


For example, if you are interested in working with pan pastels but don’t want to invest your money in them just to try them out-use eye shadow instead.

No, the eye shadows are not artist quality materials.  No, they won’t come in the specific colors of a pan pastel set.  No, they are not going to last and should not be used in art projects you would sell to the general public.  But what eye shadow will give you is the opportunity to use the techniques of pan pastels, explore whether or not you even enjoy using this type of medium, and allow you to make a more educated decision as to whether or not you want to invest in pan pastels.  Dollar Tree has many eye shadow compacts with several different colors in each.  They also have small bags of make up sponges which you can use before you invest in the tools commonly used with pan pastels.  (And the empty compacts are wonderful for filling with your tube watercolors and using as travel palettes.  I have created several of these and LOVE them!)

Now, I must confess.  I have been trying to decide whether or not to invest in pan pastels.  I have not tried the techniques yet, haven’t actually seen pan pastels in person, nor have I ever used the special tools made for their use.  I have done several pastel drawings (or paintings as some prefer) and have really enjoyed it.  I don’t know if there is a huge difference between chalk pastels in stick form and the pan pastels, but I do know I hate the feel of the square, chalky pastels in my hands.  It just really bugs me.

So, I will be trying out the eye shadow idea and I’ll let you know whether or not I’ll be investing in pan pastels.

I have lost patience with running out of hot glue sticks and found these:  Hot Glue Sticks

25 lbs of hot glue sticks should last me a while, don’t you think?

I finished my vision board today.  It is hanging above my grandma’s enamel topped table in my work room so I will be staring right at it each time I look up from my work.  I made some of these for the vision board:  pinwheels.  A fun decoration for the board and I added gem centers which created a flower.  I cut “leaves” from the left over paper I made the pinwheels with and added them to the board.  Very sparkly and they make me smile when I look at them.

Positive things happened today as well.  One so amazing, it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think of it!  But it is not mine to share, at least not yet, and so I won’t say anymore about that.

After straightening my work room, yet again, I found I had some supplies I had forgotten about.  I decided to begin my art supplies and materials notebook.  I have started it, but am no where near finished with it.  It makes no sense to me to have things put away, in labeled boxes and storage containers, but then forget what I have because I don’t see it right in front of me.  With the art materials and supplies book, I will have the materials divided into categories, or perhaps by projects-I haven’t decided yet, and be able to see at a glance exactly what I have and what I need.

That’s the accomplishments for today.  Hope your day was productive and enjoyable too!

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  1. rubiescorner says:

    My compute is acting up. I can’t type what I want to say, but it was stupendous!


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