Quick Update

Challenge 2017 has already shown positive results in my life.

Last year we were able to claim 6 of our eight dependents.  This year, two of our kids are claiming themselves which brings us down to 4.

Every year I am filled with anxiety about doing our taxes.  I’m not sure why, we normally receive a bit of a refund.  There were years we had to pay in, but it was a very small amount.  Nevertheless, I hate having to do our taxes.

This time I used the principles of the Secret.  I visualized money coming back to us, although I fluctuated between 1500 and three thousand dollars and was unable to settle on an amount.  I allowed myself to feel the relief of having money returned to us, the joy of being able to afford the new flooring I picked out, the happiness of being able to invite people over to our home and the feeling of satisfaction with the house being all it was meant to be and more.

We went in and at the end of the appointment, we are receiving 2249.00 back from the government.

Isn’t that just about half-way between 1500 and three thousand?

And since I forgot some of my information, the amount will go up once I have that in…

Isn’t that amazing and delightful?  I just visualized what I wanted, allowed myself to feel the feelings connected to it, asked for it, believed I would receive it and BAM! the results happened.

It goes on.

My phone has been a horror since I got it two years ago.  It doesn’t ring when calls come in, it drops text messages or I will receive 25 messages all at once which were over the last three days…The thing refuses to work properly.  I have never been able to get my email on the phone, haven’t been able to use the internet properly, it has gobbled up pictures I’ve taken and generally been a nightmare.

The phone store was just down the road from our accountants office.

Since I was feeling so great about the appointment with the accountant, I suggested we stop and see if we can get a different phone for me.  Scott was stunned.  He knows how I hate this sort of thing, but he said “Sure.  If you’re up to it…”  (All electronic devices hate me and I hate them.  Or used to, I have to readjust my thinking on that…Anyway these experiences are always awful, which is why he asked if I was up to it.)

I was up to it.  I visualized the experience not going as they usually go, but going smoothly and with little struggle.  I visualized myself understanding the complexities of the phones on display and picking the best one for my needs.  I visualized the person helping us treating me like a person instead of an utter moron.

Scott took care of the turning in of the old phone.  The sales person, who was very difficult to understand-he sounded like he had his mouth full of marbles while talking and I had a terrible time trying to follow what he was saying- said to go run errands for about an hour and he would have everything transferred to my new IPhone 7.  We did run errands, for about three and a half hours, and returned to the store only to find not only had he not transferred my information from my old phone to my new one, but had totally forgotten we had ever been in the store before.  He said, “well you haven’t picked out your phone yet.”  When we asked if the data had been transferred.  I said, “Yes I have.  I picked out the IPhone 7.”  He replied, “Well, then you haven’t paid for it yet and that’s why I couldn’t transfer the data.”

Whatever, dude.

So we waited in line with everyone else until there was a person available.  I was, at this point, becoming very annoyed.  This was turning out to be the same lousy experience I always have buying any electronics.  I stepped up to the counter and said, “I am purchasing a new phone.  That guy was supposed to have taken care of everything while we ran errands, but didn’t, so now  you’re stuck with me.”  The young man looked confused an said, “I’ll be right back.”

Scott said, “You aren’t thinking positively are you?”

Which, of course, I wasn’t.  I was expecting the worst possible experience and that’s what I was getting.  I stopped and focused.  I visualized how I wanted the experience to go, what I wanted the outcome to be, how I wanted to be treated and let the peace and joy from the experience wash over me.  I was at peace and happy.

When the young man returned, I apologized for being grumpy.  He said he wasn’t able to do the data transfer, but others were and would we take a seat a moment until one of them were available to help us?  I smiled sweetly, thanked him for his help and cheerfully took a seat.  Less than two minutes later a wonderfully helpful young man was available and helped us quickly and efficiently.  He explained the phone, it’s commonly used features, asked what I had trouble with the last phone and explained how I could avoid that with this new one.  He said the problems I was having with my other phone were actually quite common with that phone and I was not the only one with them.  He assured me I would be able to figure out the new phone and would be able to, not only receive my emails on it but also be able to send emails with it.

I was astonished.

He said all the features I wanted were on the original phone, but it was not working properly.  The battery life, which started out the day at 87% and had dropped to 7% by this time, causes problems with the features of the phone.  I also had very limited storage which caused me to lose pictures I was trying to save.  He said, “This is not the best phone for your needs.  The IPhone 7 will make you much happier, I promise.”

The only unsatisfactory part of the experience was, because I was opting out of the phone before the time was up, I was not able to take the old phone home.  I had to turn it in.  I wanted to smash it with a hammer because it would make my feel better after having struggled with it for two years.

Nevertheless, I have a brand-new phone and have been trying to figure out the features.  All my information was saved onto this phone, including my text messages.  (Jeff’s text messages are still there, which is what I was concerned about. I have them saved elsewhere, but I am comforted to have them on my phone.  Almost as if he could text me at any time…)

The data transfer part took a long time.  Over an hour.  Scott and I went to a local second-hand store to do something during the transfer.  I was thrilled to be in a second-hand store.  I have always loved old things and have filled our home with second-hand treasures.  In my new state of mind-everything is great, I am happy, only good things will occur, etc.- I entered the store.

Immediately, I spotted a small wooden doll from the orient.  I am not sure where she’s from-Taiwan perhaps-but she’s adorable. She’s dressed in fancy clothes but has unfortunate tacky silver trim all over.  I have removed the tacky silver trim-much like the stuff you would find at the dollar tree for “metal” Christmas trims-and will replace with decorative fabric trims. I also found 5 vintage thimbles which I loved and bought as a gift for my dear friend, Laurie.

Walking around the store, I was keeping my eyes open for anything which could be re-done into something for our new house, replace something we already have with the same thing in better condition, things like that.

There, before my eyes, stood a roll-top desk.

I have wanted one of these for years and years.  My Grandma had a desk similar to a roll top, except hers was a fold down.  It is very old and fragile, and my mom has it.  Every time I see it, I fall in love with the roll-top desk idea all over again.

And there one stood.

The wood pieces that make up the rolling part had split in several places, making it very difficult to roll the top up and down.  I searched for Scott and he checked it out.  He said he would be able to fix the damaged roll top and if I wanted it, I should get it.  It was $25.00.  I took the price tag off the piece and went on my way.  I found an old Vanity Fair magazine featuring Princess Grace and took that too.  Scott came up and said I should get in line and buy the desk because people continued to come up and yank on it.  He was concerned they would damage it further.

Since we brought the car and not the truck, we will be picking the desk up Monday.  The best part of this whole story is when I reached the cashier, she said everything was 50% off!  I bought everything for just under $17.00!

The power of the Secret is amazing, isn’t it?

I am certain the change in my mind set was what brought good things to me. I hadn’t even considered the roll-top desk, yet there one stood.  Something I had wanted for years and years, but had never found.  I even worked at Goodwill for years and never came across a roll top desk I could afford or which was in such good shape.

the Secret

Give it a try, won’t you?

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