Frugal and Free.


Pillows need to be covered with the bargain fabric I bought last week.

Today I got a late start on creating.

I watched the entire first season of Fortitude.  Good grief, that is quite a show!  I couldn’t look away, it grabbed me immediately and I was hooked!  If you’re sick at home and need something to fill the time, this show has a twisted plot, quirky characters, unusual setting, and a gripping story.  There is nudity and adult language, violence and some really scary stuff.  Do not let children see this show!!  But I’ve got to say, I’m a fan of the first season.

So I made paper beads while I watched and have added 600 more to my stash.  I am up to nearly 14,000 paper beads.  These are for an art application and I know people will ask me how many beads I used to create it.  That’s why I count and keep track of them.

But I digress.

Back to the frugal/free project for today.

My husband made a kitchen table for our mobile home when we were first married.  After we built our house, I cut the legs down and made it into a coffee table for our living room.  Two years ago, third daughter painted the top with chalkboard paint and brought it up to college.  She and her roommates left notes for each other on the table all year.  I have no idea where the table is now.  She may still have it in her new place at college, but I haven’t seen it lately.

As you know, I’ve been cleaning closets and getting rid of stuff.  During this activity I found the leaf to the above mentioned table.  I had forgotten my husband made a leaf to extend that table, but he did and I found it back.  The table wasn’t very large, so the leaf isn’t either.  It’s 10″ by 30″.

I am making an “aged” sign for above our bed which will say:  Share Your Dreams With Me

I used leftover red paint to dry brush over the stained wood.  I printed the saying out in different fonts and will be painting it on the wooden board.  After that, I will be sanding the whole thing lightly to scuff it up a bit and then giving the whole thing a dark brown wash.

This is another one of those very frugal or free projects.  The wood obviously cost something 30 years ago when my husband built the table.  The paint was purchased for our stairwell and wall.  The words required printing with my crappy printer.  So there is some cost involved with the project.

However, since the board was “found” and the paint already in the house and the printer is a piece of junk and you can barely make out the printing anyway, I’d really like to call this one free.

After finishing the project, my husband hung the two creations above our bed.  Although they look a bit off center, that’s because I just shoved the bed back against the wall and took the pictures.  They are actually supposed to be centered above the headboard.

By the way, this is the greige I mixed.  Not that horrible once things start coming together.  I need one more set of curtains for this room, as the corner windows need one more panel each.  I thought they would  be fine with just one panel, as they are not as large as the others, but they are just a tick to wide for only one panel.  The store has not yet restocked these curtains, so I am hoping to stop by later this week to pick them up.  Hopefully they will have reordered them by then.

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