Almost Free Decor

Yesterday I spent my day creating an egg carton wreath.

The materials, which came from empty cardboard egg cartons and paper left over from my parents move, cost nothing. I used a dollar store piece of foam core for the base of the wreath, some craft paint left over from other projects, and hot glue.

My estimate is I spent less than 5 dollars on this project.

Long ago, I began making paper flowers of all kinds. I have made stunning flowers from coffee filters, scrapbook paper, newspaper, old book pages and junk mail. I also made many egg carton flowers, which are fun and charming. I’ve been saving egg cartons for a couple of years, and had a tote labeled “egg carton flowers”.  I assumed I had made so many of them, I needed a tote to hold them all.

No.  The tote was filled with the cartons, not completed flowers.

So yesterday I spent the day making a couple hundred egg carton flowers. (This was excessive, and I would recommend making a couple dozen at a time.)  I used the cheap bottles of craft paint to paint several flowers in muted colors.  Yellow, pink, lavendar, white and rose. While they dried, I made the wreath base from foam core.  I stuffed the shape with packing paper and then wrapped the wreath in brown craft paper.

I attached the dried flowers to the wreath shape, trying to scatter the painted flowers randomly through out the wreath.  I found the painted flowers to be to prominate in the completed wreath so I used beige to soften them.  Now they are very muted in the overall design and I am very happy with the result.

My goal is to make the house look like a Joanna Gaines finished fixer-upper.

Only on a seriously limited budget.

Which means I’ll be sharing many more frugal projects and ideas with you in the weeks and months to come.



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