Inaugural Address

This was not a speech which was conciliatory, in my opinion.  I think President Trump had a wonderful opportunity to heal some of the divisions our country has following this very contentious election.

The speech was strongly worded, a very forceful rejection of the entire Washington establishment.

As you know, I did not vote for President Trump.

I didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton either.

I wrote in my candidate again this year, as I often do.

Here I sit watching police officers firing tear gas and percussion grenades into groups of stone throwing protesters.

And I am appalled.

This behavior is a stunning display of poor sportsmanship.  Your candidate lost.  Get a grip and show some class and decency. That the stated purpose of these protesters is to prevent the parade from happening is just disgusting.  I understand you’re feeling shocked and you may even be experiencing grief because Secretary Clinton lost, but this is absolutely unacceptable and counter productive.

The people responsible for this low class behavior should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My choice did not win.  President Obama wasn’t my choice either. But half the country supports both of these Presidents. That’s half my family for Obama/Clinton, half for Trump. Yet my family and I have to get along with each other, despite our political differences.  These two parties have to put their personal feeling aside and come together for the good of our country. We all suffer from the vitriol being shouted from each corner.

One more objection: Chris Matthews should be fired for his comment about President Trump’s speech.  To suggest a Presidental Inaugural Addess is “hitlarian” is offensive and grossly inappropriate.  Yes, Chris, I know your candidate did not win. That is no reason to lose your common sense and suggest the new President of the United States is, in any way, similar to Adolf Hitler.

I am stunned by this comment and I think Mr. Matthews owes both the President and our country a sincere appology. Then he should be removed from his position on a national news service. There is no place in our national conversations for such poisonous and profane insults of our new President.

How hideous is Matthew’s comment? Where is the outrage over this?  Had this sort of thing been said about Hillary’s speech, the press would be blowing up with shocked, and justified, horror.

Words mean things and by calling President Trump’s speech hitlarian, Chris Matthews diminishes the true horror that was Hitler.  Matthew’s also moves his own personal hatred of the new President to the forefront. He can no longer be taken seriously as a journalist, and should be rejected as an extremist as a political pundit.

And, completely off the subject, our new First Lady looked spectacular!  She may be the first First Lady since Jackie Kennedy to be a fashion icon. I am looking forward to her fashion choices.

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