Tough Day

One year ago today I lost my only brother and sibling, Jeff.

He was a terrific guy.  Loved by everyone.  I know people always say that about someone who has passed, but in this case it was really true.  They had to turn people away at the visitation because they were blocking the road trying to get in, that’s how many people came to pay their respects…

The part about Jeff I miss the most is his sense of humor.  He was a quick wit, always made people laugh and was a captivating story teller.  He could keep an entire room enthralled with his storys.

Jeff was also one of those people who ended up in the right place at the right time.  He saved the life of a total stranger at an automobile accident.  At another one, he waited with a very distraught woman until help arrived to free her from the wreakage.  He left when the rescue unit began cutting her free, and she never knew his name.  The lady did talk with the press following her accident and credited her angel-my brother Jeff-with saving her life by never letting go of her hand during the ordeal.  She said his strength pulled her through.

There are several other incidents I can relate, but you get the message.  He was there in the worst possible experiences for so many, and helped people through them with grace, dignity and unfailing compassion.

Jeff made our world a better place. Even though you may not have known him personally, he made your world better too. Just by having lived his life with honesty and integrity. He was an amazing man, and I am honored to have been his sister.

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