Since Today is Lousy

anyway, I thought I would do something I genuinely loath.

I am sewing.

Yes, for those who know me, you’re shocked.  I can tell.

Today I made curtains for my main bathroom window and also a shower curtain.

I had purchased two twin flat sheets from Walmart. They are a beige/tanish color.  One was used for the window, the other for the shower curtain. I have enough leftover fabric to finish my curtains in the diningroom. Those curtains are to short and need about 9 inches more fabric.  The tan will work perfectly for these three panels.

After washing the fabric I bought yesterday to make into throw pillows, I decided I’m not skilled enough to create piping.

The red for the slipcover for the wingback chair will also be used to pipe the pillows. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to make piping from the fabric. Sewing at the best of times makes me angry and frustrated.  Today isn’t the day for anything which will stretch my very limited skills in this area.

Perhaps tomorrow will feel different, but for now I’ll just stick with curtains.

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