And Then There Was Greige

Busy day today. Master bedroom primed and painted.


I had picked a paint color I thought was darker than it turned out to be. I was dissatisfied with the color on the walls, so I mixed my own. Using the leftover tan from Evan’s room and some charcoal gray, I mixed them all together. Still to light. A big shot of black, mix well and GREIGE it is.

While the color is not my personal choice, it does look nice on the walls. Tomorrow I will give the room its second coat, and then I’ll pull the room together.

While the comforter is fine, the back of it is off white. I thought it was dark gray, but that turned out to be the bed skirt. Now my concern is the thing will become dingy with use. Since the house is not yet on the market, I think I will make a cover for my current comforter from dark gray fabric. Add some pillows and that’s great for right now. I need to slipcover my chairs too. I’m creating a reading nook in there.

On to my furniture. I have my grandma’s bedroom set.  It’s an antique, but I am thinking of painting the pieces and aging them. Pinterest Vintage Vanity Ideas. There are several really charming vanities which have been redone to make them more functional and attractive. None are the style I have, but I can adapt mine easily.

Just a side note:  When you mix your own paint, make sure you have enough to finish the room. This is an obvious thing, but you would be surprised how often people misjudge the amount of paint needed for a project. Also, keep a small air tight container of your paint handy for touch ups. Label clearly and keep in a small plastic shoe box with lid. If you keep all your paint colors in one box with a small paint brush inside as well, you will be much more likely to take the time to touch up your nicks and dings. Storing them in a plastic box reduces the risk of accidental spills. I keep mine in my laundry room cupboard where I can find them quickly and the little ones can’t.

Second coat is drying right now. I’ve moved the furniture back in place, and hope to hang the curtains tonight.

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