Update on the Updates

Since we were all off during the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we decided to begin the updates on the house.

As you may remember, DH and son re-roofed our house this fall.  Since then these things have happened:

New floor tile in the main bathroom.  Painted walls and cabinets.  Painted ceiling.  New mirrors, curtains and accessories.  Still need to replace counter top, change faucets and put subway tile in the tub/shower.

Stained and re-varnished the kitchen cabinets.  Added the new kitchen faucet and will be putting in new counter tops and lighting.  Once we have those things finished, I hope to add new appliances to the kitchen.

Continued tiling the new and improved shower.  It is a very large shower stall with added bench and cubbyholes for shampoos and conditioners.  We have the new counter top and faucet, have the new light fixture, have added the new fan, have the new all-glass shower door, and I will be painting the cabinets.  We are adding wainscotting to the walls and ceiling, as well as tile just over halfway up the walls.  This room will be breathtaking when finished.

Today I purchased a seriously discounted bed linen set at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The seven piece king-sized set was 49.00 bucks.  Then I went to another store and purchased the curtains.  I also bought two gallons of pale greige paint.  And while this is not my favorite color scheme, it is currently very popular and will show well.  Together with paint, linens, curtains and rods the cost was just under $150.00.

Not bad for an entirely new bedroom, huh?  I will be seriously purging and getting rid of half of what we own.  We won’t have room for it in the new house we’re building, so why keep it now?  I am also refreshing my bedroom furniture and making two bedside tables from painted on wooden paint palettes.  These will be a bit unique, yet blend nicely with the overall look of the room.  I will be using them in the new house as well.  They will be similar to these.  I have been unable to locate these adorable tables from Hobby Lobby, as my store does not have them any longer.  Which has forced to try my hand at making my own.

With the left over paint from the master bedroom, I will be painting the closet interiors and the laundry room.

After the master bedroom is completed-hopefully by the end of the week-I will begin in the hallway.  Since I have our family tree painted in the hallway, that obviously has to go.  And once that’s gone, with the new tile in the entrance, new lights and finally putting up the crown molding, the hallway will look as amazing as the new master and new main bathroom.  Then on to the living room.  New paint, de-cluttering, a bit of freshening up the decor and that room’s finished too.  I added new curtains over the holidays.

The biggest issue will be new flooring throughout the main floor.  I have it picked out, we just have to pick it up, remove all the old flooring and lay the new.

The minor updates throughout the house won’t cost a lot of money, but will take some time.  There is nothing wrong with our home, it is just in desperate need of updated decorating.  The floor plan and set-up is nice, with large rooms and abundant windows.

This Spring will be the most challenging for me, as I want to re-landscape our property.  Make everything sparkle and shine, add beautiful plants and shrubs to the huge flowerbeds, paint the porch and shutters, add rockers and tables -maybe a porch swing too.  My goal is to create something that would be at home in Better Homes and Gardens.

All for the purpose of selling…hardly seems right to put all this effort into something we’re not going to be enjoying.  However, the thought of top dollar for our home far outweighs any resistance to the work involved in updating everything.

Wish me luck!



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