A New Year, A New Attitude

My goal for 2017 is to transform a 29 year old house which has never been updated into a hot property commanding top dollar. How am I going to accomplish this?

Well, I have a plan.

It’s something I discovered in 1997, I think, and have reinstated. I believe the originators of this system were called the Slob Sisters. Since this lousy tablet wont let me copy and paste, I cannot provide a link.

Google them.

I had created a huge file system for my everyday life. Each day was specific to each type of task day it was.  I even scheduled exercise and sex.

While it was not the most exciting or inspirational box of index cards, it did keep me on track, focused and my house was not a pig sty. I was able to keep on top of everything I needed to do, provide a meal every night for my family and I had time to do things I genuinely enjoyed.

Flylady is a derivitive of this system.

Since my personal goal this year is to get this house in tip-top shape for selling, the Slob Sister’s plan to clean and organize my house is a great one. And I found the card box in the back of my desk cupboard, underneath the kids art supplies and coloring books.

Along with the daily tasks I already have on cards, I have included some of the home updates we need to do. New flooring, new lighting, painting and landscaping.

I will keep you updated on the progress and include examples of my work cards.


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