Quick Update

Challenge 2017 has already shown positive results in my life.

Last year we were able to claim 6 of our eight dependents.  This year, two of our kids are claiming themselves which brings us down to 4.

Every year I am filled with anxiety about doing our taxes.  I’m not sure why, we normally receive a bit of a refund.  There were years we had to pay in, but it was a very small amount.  Nevertheless, I hate having to do our taxes.

This time I used the principles of the Secret.  I visualized money coming back to us, although I fluctuated between 1500 and three thousand dollars and was unable to settle on an amount.  I allowed myself to feel the relief of having money returned to us, the joy of being able to afford the new flooring I picked out, the happiness of being able to invite people over to our home and the feeling of satisfaction with the house being all it was meant to be and more.

We went in and at the end of the appointment, we are receiving 2249.00 back from the government.

Isn’t that just about half-way between 1500 and three thousand?

And since I forgot some of my information, the amount will go up once I have that in…

Isn’t that amazing and delightful?  I just visualized what I wanted, allowed myself to feel the feelings connected to it, asked for it, believed I would receive it and BAM! the results happened.

It goes on.

My phone has been a horror since I got it two years ago.  It doesn’t ring when calls come in, it drops text messages or I will receive 25 messages all at once which were over the last three days…The thing refuses to work properly.  I have never been able to get my email on the phone, haven’t been able to use the internet properly, it has gobbled up pictures I’ve taken and generally been a nightmare.

The phone store was just down the road from our accountants office.

Since I was feeling so great about the appointment with the accountant, I suggested we stop and see if we can get a different phone for me.  Scott was stunned.  He knows how I hate this sort of thing, but he said “Sure.  If you’re up to it…”  (All electronic devices hate me and I hate them.  Or used to, I have to readjust my thinking on that…Anyway these experiences are always awful, which is why he asked if I was up to it.)

I was up to it.  I visualized the experience not going as they usually go, but going smoothly and with little struggle.  I visualized myself understanding the complexities of the phones on display and picking the best one for my needs.  I visualized the person helping us treating me like a person instead of an utter moron.

Scott took care of the turning in of the old phone.  The sales person, who was very difficult to understand-he sounded like he had his mouth full of marbles while talking and I had a terrible time trying to follow what he was saying- said to go run errands for about an hour and he would have everything transferred to my new IPhone 7.  We did run errands, for about three and a half hours, and returned to the store only to find not only had he not transferred my information from my old phone to my new one, but had totally forgotten we had ever been in the store before.  He said, “well you haven’t picked out your phone yet.”  When we asked if the data had been transferred.  I said, “Yes I have.  I picked out the IPhone 7.”  He replied, “Well, then you haven’t paid for it yet and that’s why I couldn’t transfer the data.”

Whatever, dude.

So we waited in line with everyone else until there was a person available.  I was, at this point, becoming very annoyed.  This was turning out to be the same lousy experience I always have buying any electronics.  I stepped up to the counter and said, “I am purchasing a new phone.  That guy was supposed to have taken care of everything while we ran errands, but didn’t, so now  you’re stuck with me.”  The young man looked confused an said, “I’ll be right back.”

Scott said, “You aren’t thinking positively are you?”

Which, of course, I wasn’t.  I was expecting the worst possible experience and that’s what I was getting.  I stopped and focused.  I visualized how I wanted the experience to go, what I wanted the outcome to be, how I wanted to be treated and let the peace and joy from the experience wash over me.  I was at peace and happy.

When the young man returned, I apologized for being grumpy.  He said he wasn’t able to do the data transfer, but others were and would we take a seat a moment until one of them were available to help us?  I smiled sweetly, thanked him for his help and cheerfully took a seat.  Less than two minutes later a wonderfully helpful young man was available and helped us quickly and efficiently.  He explained the phone, it’s commonly used features, asked what I had trouble with the last phone and explained how I could avoid that with this new one.  He said the problems I was having with my other phone were actually quite common with that phone and I was not the only one with them.  He assured me I would be able to figure out the new phone and would be able to, not only receive my emails on it but also be able to send emails with it.

I was astonished.

He said all the features I wanted were on the original phone, but it was not working properly.  The battery life, which started out the day at 87% and had dropped to 7% by this time, causes problems with the features of the phone.  I also had very limited storage which caused me to lose pictures I was trying to save.  He said, “This is not the best phone for your needs.  The IPhone 7 will make you much happier, I promise.”

The only unsatisfactory part of the experience was, because I was opting out of the phone before the time was up, I was not able to take the old phone home.  I had to turn it in.  I wanted to smash it with a hammer because it would make my feel better after having struggled with it for two years.

Nevertheless, I have a brand-new phone and have been trying to figure out the features.  All my information was saved onto this phone, including my text messages.  (Jeff’s text messages are still there, which is what I was concerned about. I have them saved elsewhere, but I am comforted to have them on my phone.  Almost as if he could text me at any time…)

The data transfer part took a long time.  Over an hour.  Scott and I went to a local second-hand store to do something during the transfer.  I was thrilled to be in a second-hand store.  I have always loved old things and have filled our home with second-hand treasures.  In my new state of mind-everything is great, I am happy, only good things will occur, etc.- I entered the store.

Immediately, I spotted a small wooden doll from the orient.  I am not sure where she’s from-Taiwan perhaps-but she’s adorable. She’s dressed in fancy clothes but has unfortunate tacky silver trim all over.  I have removed the tacky silver trim-much like the stuff you would find at the dollar tree for “metal” Christmas trims-and will replace with decorative fabric trims. I also found 5 vintage thimbles which I loved and bought as a gift for my dear friend, Laurie.

Walking around the store, I was keeping my eyes open for anything which could be re-done into something for our new house, replace something we already have with the same thing in better condition, things like that.

There, before my eyes, stood a roll-top desk.

I have wanted one of these for years and years.  My Grandma had a desk similar to a roll top, except hers was a fold down.  It is very old and fragile, and my mom has it.  Every time I see it, I fall in love with the roll-top desk idea all over again.

And there one stood.

The wood pieces that make up the rolling part had split in several places, making it very difficult to roll the top up and down.  I searched for Scott and he checked it out.  He said he would be able to fix the damaged roll top and if I wanted it, I should get it.  It was $25.00.  I took the price tag off the piece and went on my way.  I found an old Vanity Fair magazine featuring Princess Grace and took that too.  Scott came up and said I should get in line and buy the desk because people continued to come up and yank on it.  He was concerned they would damage it further.

Since we brought the car and not the truck, we will be picking the desk up Monday.  The best part of this whole story is when I reached the cashier, she said everything was 50% off!  I bought everything for just under $17.00!

The power of the Secret is amazing, isn’t it?

I am certain the change in my mind set was what brought good things to me. I hadn’t even considered the roll-top desk, yet there one stood.  Something I had wanted for years and years, but had never found.  I even worked at Goodwill for years and never came across a roll top desk I could afford or which was in such good shape.

the Secret

Give it a try, won’t you?


2017 Challenge Announced

Many of you have heard about The Secret. 

I bought the book a few years ago, but never even opened it.  Last night, while I was struggling with health issues, I turned on the television and found The Secret was in my movie list.  I turned it on, figuring I’d find out what the stupid secret was at the very least, and it would distract me from my problems.

Well I watched it.

Then I watched it again.

The whole thing is ridiculously simple.  Completely accessible.  Easily done.

The whole point of this is to draw the things you want into your life not the things you don’t.

This sounds so simple, yet we all have the tendency to focus on those things which aren’t right in our lives, rather than the positives and what is going well.

For example:  if you are struggling with debt and bills, you are always thinking about debt and bills.  You talk about it with family, friends and co-workers.  You think about it constantly.  You fear answering the phone because it will be bill collectors.  You dread going to the mail box because it’s only going to be more bills you cannot pay.  You lay awake at night wondering and worrying if you will be able to pay your bills this month and how you will catch up on the ones you couldn’t pay before…

You are expending a tremendous amount of energy on the debt and bills.

Now all that negative energy is out there.  In the universe.  As energy.  It’s negative energy, but it is energy.

And that energy pulls other like energy to it.  In other words, the more you focus on debt and bills, the more you will get debt and bills.  If you change your thinking, your feelings,  your attitude to the positive you will change the energy you put out into the universe.  Good energy will attract good energy.

Good thinking promotes more good thinking.  Good feelings promote good feelings.  Good attitudes promote good attitudes.  This is a universal truth.

This is mentioned in every great philosophy and religion.  Energy, the life giving force, God, how ever you choose to define it, is present within us all.  And we are given the ability to access this power for ourselves.

John 10:10

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

Matthew 6:33

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Luke 6:38

“Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure–pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

James 1:17

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter [Job] and your lips with joyful shouting.

Blessed [are] the people who know [the] joyful shout; O Yahweh, they walk about in the light of your countenance.

Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues formed joyful shouts. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.”

Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness of [mind and] heart [in gratitude] for the abundance of all [with which He had blessed you]

Clearly this tells us how we should live by the reproach to those who did not live in this way…

And I can go on and on.

My point is this method of thinking, believing, living is not a contradiction to the Holy Word of God.  Should you be thinking this is some new-fangled, new-age nonsense.  It is not.  It has been around for thousands of years.

Very few people wanted to share the insights these adjustments make in life.  Because we, being human, always think there is an infinite amount of everything.  Joy, love, wisdom, health, wealth…whatever it is we desire, we are convinced there is only so much of that to go around and we are just out of luck and didn’t get it.


The universe, or as I prefer God, has unlimited resources, unlimited power, unlimited abilities.  Humans put the shackles on things by our limits.  God, or the universe, does not have shackles.


So this is what we’re doing for our challenge in 2017.  We are going to embrace the Secret and all that it requires from us.  We are going to make vision boards, flash cards, picture books, whatever it takes to get us into our right mind.  One that is joyous, thankful, living exactly as we know we will live in the future when all our hopes and dreams are realized.

We will be a blessing to everyone in our lives by our new attitude and behaviors.

All that is required is this:

We must ask for what we want.

We must believe we will get it.

We must receive it.

And through that process we must be genuinely grateful for what we do have, actually feeling the waves of gratitude wash over us.

We must behave as though all our desires have already happened.

For example, if you want a new BMW you have to behave as though you already have it.  Sit in your arm chair and close your eyes.  Imagine you are driving your new BMW.  Imagine the smell of the new car, the feel of the wheel in your hand, how your feet move on the pedals, listening to great music on that awesome sound system, the sight of friends and neighbors on the street-wave at them!-every aspect of that car needs to be fully imagined and experienced by you.  Daily, if you can manage it.

If money is a concern, imagine you already have an abundance of it.  There is money in the account to pay for that.  There is no worry about bills because you are thinking there will be checks coming in the mail instead.  Money will be in abundance and you will never run out.  Stop the worry and believe you are fully funded with ample money to meet your needs.

And you will have ample money to meet your needs.

Maybe you are lonely and want that special someone.  Imagine that person.  See the person of your dreams clearly and then step out in faith that this person is just around the corner.  Always act as if every one of your hearts desire is just around the corner from right now.  And before you know it, you’ve rounded the corner and have your hearts desire.

Honestly, folks, I am not making this up.  There are literally thousands of people who have done this and were successful at it.  They achieved their hearts desires and we can too!

I have started making a vision board.  I will include a link to Jennibellie’s vision board tutorial.

Vision Board Tutorial

Part of the process is to visualize your desires.  I am printing pictures of things and places I’d like to visit to add to my vision board.  I am also creating my own pictures and art work to include on the board.

Let’s make the Secret a project we do together.  Who knows what changes we will see in our lives?  It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it?




Update on Last Year’s Challenge

Our challenge last year was to use up our stash of stuff, whatever that may be.  In the last few months I have been quite ill with kidney stones and migraines.  Due to these issues, I have not been keeping up with my list of creations using up my stash.  I thought I’d take a moment to give an update on the stuff I’ve created with my stash.  Here goes:

I used up old canvases by painting on them.  I used several I had laying around, along with the on-sale canvases I purchased.  In total I’ve made nearly 100 paintings on canvas.

Having a huge supply of student quality acrylic paints, I found uses for those by making acrylic skins, used in art journals, made into beads, and used to create actual paintings.  I used up 52 tubes of student quality acrylic paints.

14, 357 paper beads made from patterned scrapbook papers.  I used up my entire stash of patterned scrapbook papers for this purpose and have had to purchase more (just today). I also used the patterned papers for art journals.

Lace, ribbons, flowers and baskets.  I have made several flower arrangements using things I found around the house.  These are seasonal.

Old books.  I made several paper cone wreaths using old encyclopedia book pages.  I made paper flowers and used the pages in art journals as well.  One old set of encyclopedias can offer enough printed pages for an abundance of creations.  I still have several books left to go.  I also used the cardboard covered books/bindings for art journals.  They worked spectacularly.

Fabric. I ripped cotton fabrics into strips and hot glued the edges together.  Then I cut the folded part into small chunks, not going through the glued edge.  Using scrap cardboard and chipboard as bases, I cut them into circles and then hot glued the fabric strips around and around the circle.  Once the circle was filled with the fabric strip, I combed the fabric to get the edges to fray.  Adding a pearl or piece of broken jewelry to the center makes for a lovely ornament or embellishment in your scrapbooks or art journals.

Foam core.  I made small containers to hold my often used art supplies.  I made a ribbon storage rack using foam core and dowels.  I also made stamps using foam core.

Junk Mail.  I used junk mail to make paper flowers and art journals.

Pretty patterned tin cans.  I created lovely, light-weight jewelry using shapes cut from patterned tin cans.

Hot Glue.  Using the cardboard base from a cereal box, I cut it into shapes.  Using hot glue, I dribbled it over top of the cut out earring bases from the cardboard.  I painted the dried glue/earring and then buffed it with some metalic rub-on stuff I found in the cupboard.  Add a jump ring and hook earring, and you have unique metalic looking earrings.

I also made stencils and stamps using hot glue.

Cardboard, toilet paper rolls, tape and fabric.  I made a large letter “B” using two pieces of cardboard, cut to shape.  I cut up toilet paper and paper towel tubes and hot glued them to the inside of one of the shapes.  I laid the top part of the “B” on top of the (equal in height) cut tubes.  I wrapped the entire “B” with masking tape to secure the whole thing together.  I wrapped the “B” with leftover burlap from another project and hot glued the fabric to the back.  I used several scraps of patterned fabrics to make three flowers, which I attached randomly onto the front of the letter.  I used left over beads as centers for the flowers.  It hangs above the couch in the living room.

Air Dry Clay.  This was used to create a wishing tree.  Jenniebellie is one of my favorite artists.  She made this video to show how to create the Wishing Tree .

Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter


The Art Sherpa

These are the three artists I follow.  Each one is unique and special in her own way.  Please check out their links and support their channels.  They are all such lovely women, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

I am sure I’ve created more things using up my stash, but these were just the things I see glancing around my work room.

But wait!  There’s more!

I’ve made jewelry from recycled bead placemats. I made watercolor earrings.  I made several things for the bible journaling classes I taught.  I made bookmarks from less than stellar watercolor paintings.  I made puppets. I made coloring books.  I made a huge fabric “board” for checkers.  I made bean bags and corn bags.  I made hand warmers.  I made shimmer inks and sprays.  I made ink stamps and stamp pads.  I made blankets and throws.  I made huge paper flowers, each nearly 2 ft in diameter.  I have made cardboard children’s books and kites.  I have created art kits and an art cupboard for the kids.  I have made hats and hat boxes from cardboard and paper mache’.  I made doll houses and doll house furniture.  I made confetti dots from pony beads. I made a Kylo Ren mask from fun foam.  I made the mine craft pickaxe and sword from cardboard and duct tape.  I made Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes, paint and tape.  I made a doll house cabin from twigs we found in the yard.

I’ve recycled, re-purposed and re-made many things around the house.  I will continue to offer inspiration and ideas for your own projects.  Always on a budget and with the earth in mind.

Please, don’t be discouraged if you have no money to spend on art or craft supplies.  You already have everything you need in your house.  Trust me.  Go through your closet and pull out all the old clothes you will never wear again.  Cut off the buttons, remove the zippers and hardware.  Split the seams and see how much usable fabric you have.  Put the buttons in a container and the zippers and metal pieces into separate containers.  Fold and store the fabric.

Take all your junk mail and sort it into piles.  Some are high quality papers, booklets and packaging.  Some are colorful, but flimsy.  Some things are great for slicing into long thin strips for paper beads or quilling.  Sort and corral into containers.  (You can create some of the loveliest flowers imaginable with junk mail.)

Save all your cereal boxes, mac and cheese boxes, packaging from toys or electronics.  All wonderful things to use in crafting.  Flatten them and store them neatly in a cardboard box or tote.

Cardboard egg cartons.  Save and create some really interesting stuff with them.

Old magazines and books.  Use the pages to create art journals or slice them up and roll for beads.  Roll the whole page tightly, making a tube and weave together into baskets.  Make into cones and attach to a cardboard base-stunning wreaths.

Newspaper.  Some of the most versatile stuff you will ever get your hands on.  Create just about anything from paper mache’, use the newspaper to create signatures for art journals, use it as wrapping paper, filler, paper beads, to paint on and to break down into paper pulp.  Add glue and mold into sculptures and all sorts of creations.

Old jewelry.  Never discard old jewelry.  Pull it apart and make all kinds of new and interesting things.

Old sweaters.  Unravel and save the yarn.

Old blankets.  Cut up and use as filler for other projects.  Don’t cut up and use as backing for a quilt.  Make hand warmers, dried corn feet warmers and neck wraps, covers for ice packs and hot pads. Stack several pieces together-cut into interesting shapes if you desire-and make hot pads to set your pots and pans on.

Old shelves, furniture, picture frames, old cookie sheets.  Everything can be reused.  Spray paint an old cookie sheet and you have a lovely tray or magnetic holder.  Bamboo skewers are what I have used to make nearly 15,000 paper beads in the last four months.  Well washed meat trays make great paint palettes.

Plastic bags from stores.  Make into plastic beads.  Weave together to make bags and purses.

Potato.  Cut and carve into a stamp.

Toilet paper rolls.  Cut into smaller circles and glue together to create a picture-like an elephant or flower.

Plastic water bottles.  Paint, cut and heat creating a unique Chihuly type work.

Plastic water bottle caps and make up sponges.  Fold sponge in half, hot glue to inside of cap.  You have a dauber for paint, inks, anything you might want to daub.

You see?  There is literally art and craft supplies at your fingertips right now!  These were just a few ideas that popped into my head.  Imagine what you can come up with if you put your mind to it!

I cannot find the author of this quote  (I don’t think it’s mine):  I would rather have creativity and little money rather than have money and little creativity.

To be able to look at anything and imagine it differently is a tremendous gift.  One that has fueled my life and calmed my spirit.  Check out the links to the ladies channels I have provided above.  These are three women who have pulled me through some very dark days recently.  They are inspiring, ever uplifting and creatively beautiful.  I treasure them all and the inspiration they have given me.  You will too.

Frugal and Free.

Pillows need to be covered with the bargain fabric I bought last week.

Today I got a late start on creating.

I watched the entire first season of Fortitude.  Good grief, that is quite a show!  I couldn’t look away, it grabbed me immediately and I was hooked!  If you’re sick at home and need something to fill the time, this show has a twisted plot, quirky characters, unusual setting, and a gripping story.  There is nudity and adult language, violence and some really scary stuff.  Do not let children see this show!!  But I’ve got to say, I’m a fan of the first season.

So I made paper beads while I watched and have added 600 more to my stash.  I am up to nearly 14,000 paper beads.  These are for an art application and I know people will ask me how many beads I used to create it.  That’s why I count and keep track of them.

But I digress.

Back to the frugal/free project for today.

My husband made a kitchen table for our mobile home when we were first married.  After we built our house, I cut the legs down and made it into a coffee table for our living room.  Two years ago, third daughter painted the top with chalkboard paint and brought it up to college.  She and her roommates left notes for each other on the table all year.  I have no idea where the table is now.  She may still have it in her new place at college, but I haven’t seen it lately.

As you know, I’ve been cleaning closets and getting rid of stuff.  During this activity I found the leaf to the above mentioned table.  I had forgotten my husband made a leaf to extend that table, but he did and I found it back.  The table wasn’t very large, so the leaf isn’t either.  It’s 10″ by 30″.

I am making an “aged” sign for above our bed which will say:  Share Your Dreams With Me

I used leftover red paint to dry brush over the stained wood.  I printed the saying out in different fonts and will be painting it on the wooden board.  After that, I will be sanding the whole thing lightly to scuff it up a bit and then giving the whole thing a dark brown wash.

This is another one of those very frugal or free projects.  The wood obviously cost something 30 years ago when my husband built the table.  The paint was purchased for our stairwell and wall.  The words required printing with my crappy printer.  So there is some cost involved with the project.

However, since the board was “found” and the paint already in the house and the printer is a piece of junk and you can barely make out the printing anyway, I’d really like to call this one free.

After finishing the project, my husband hung the two creations above our bed.  Although they look a bit off center, that’s because I just shoved the bed back against the wall and took the pictures.  They are actually supposed to be centered above the headboard.

By the way, this is the greige I mixed.  Not that horrible once things start coming together.  I need one more set of curtains for this room, as the corner windows need one more panel each.  I thought they would  be fine with just one panel, as they are not as large as the others, but they are just a tick to wide for only one panel.  The store has not yet restocked these curtains, so I am hoping to stop by later this week to pick them up.  Hopefully they will have reordered them by then.

Almost Free Decor

Yesterday I spent my day creating an egg carton wreath.

The materials, which came from empty cardboard egg cartons and paper left over from my parents move, cost nothing. I used a dollar store piece of foam core for the base of the wreath, some craft paint left over from other projects, and hot glue.

My estimate is I spent less than 5 dollars on this project.

Long ago, I began making paper flowers of all kinds. I have made stunning flowers from coffee filters, scrapbook paper, newspaper, old book pages and junk mail. I also made many egg carton flowers, which are fun and charming. I’ve been saving egg cartons for a couple of years, and had a tote labeled “egg carton flowers”.  I assumed I had made so many of them, I needed a tote to hold them all.

No.  The tote was filled with the cartons, not completed flowers.

So yesterday I spent the day making a couple hundred egg carton flowers. (This was excessive, and I would recommend making a couple dozen at a time.)  I used the cheap bottles of craft paint to paint several flowers in muted colors.  Yellow, pink, lavendar, white and rose. While they dried, I made the wreath base from foam core.  I stuffed the shape with packing paper and then wrapped the wreath in brown craft paper.

I attached the dried flowers to the wreath shape, trying to scatter the painted flowers randomly through out the wreath.  I found the painted flowers to be to prominate in the completed wreath so I used beige to soften them.  Now they are very muted in the overall design and I am very happy with the result.

My goal is to make the house look like a Joanna Gaines finished fixer-upper.

Only on a seriously limited budget.

Which means I’ll be sharing many more frugal projects and ideas with you in the weeks and months to come.



Inaugural Address

This was not a speech which was conciliatory, in my opinion.  I think President Trump had a wonderful opportunity to heal some of the divisions our country has following this very contentious election.

The speech was strongly worded, a very forceful rejection of the entire Washington establishment.

As you know, I did not vote for President Trump.

I didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton either.

I wrote in my candidate again this year, as I often do.

Here I sit watching police officers firing tear gas and percussion grenades into groups of stone throwing protesters.

And I am appalled.

This behavior is a stunning display of poor sportsmanship.  Your candidate lost.  Get a grip and show some class and decency. That the stated purpose of these protesters is to prevent the parade from happening is just disgusting.  I understand you’re feeling shocked and you may even be experiencing grief because Secretary Clinton lost, but this is absolutely unacceptable and counter productive.

The people responsible for this low class behavior should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My choice did not win.  President Obama wasn’t my choice either. But half the country supports both of these Presidents. That’s half my family for Obama/Clinton, half for Trump. Yet my family and I have to get along with each other, despite our political differences.  These two parties have to put their personal feeling aside and come together for the good of our country. We all suffer from the vitriol being shouted from each corner.

One more objection: Chris Matthews should be fired for his comment about President Trump’s speech.  To suggest a Presidental Inaugural Addess is “hitlarian” is offensive and grossly inappropriate.  Yes, Chris, I know your candidate did not win. That is no reason to lose your common sense and suggest the new President of the United States is, in any way, similar to Adolf Hitler.

I am stunned by this comment and I think Mr. Matthews owes both the President and our country a sincere appology. Then he should be removed from his position on a national news service. There is no place in our national conversations for such poisonous and profane insults of our new President.

How hideous is Matthew’s comment? Where is the outrage over this?  Had this sort of thing been said about Hillary’s speech, the press would be blowing up with shocked, and justified, horror.

Words mean things and by calling President Trump’s speech hitlarian, Chris Matthews diminishes the true horror that was Hitler.  Matthew’s also moves his own personal hatred of the new President to the forefront. He can no longer be taken seriously as a journalist, and should be rejected as an extremist as a political pundit.

And, completely off the subject, our new First Lady looked spectacular!  She may be the first First Lady since Jackie Kennedy to be a fashion icon. I am looking forward to her fashion choices.

Since Today is Lousy

anyway, I thought I would do something I genuinely loath.

I am sewing.

Yes, for those who know me, you’re shocked.  I can tell.

Today I made curtains for my main bathroom window and also a shower curtain.

I had purchased two twin flat sheets from Walmart. They are a beige/tanish color.  One was used for the window, the other for the shower curtain. I have enough leftover fabric to finish my curtains in the diningroom. Those curtains are to short and need about 9 inches more fabric.  The tan will work perfectly for these three panels.

After washing the fabric I bought yesterday to make into throw pillows, I decided I’m not skilled enough to create piping.

The red for the slipcover for the wingback chair will also be used to pipe the pillows. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to make piping from the fabric. Sewing at the best of times makes me angry and frustrated.  Today isn’t the day for anything which will stretch my very limited skills in this area.

Perhaps tomorrow will feel different, but for now I’ll just stick with curtains.