New Store, New Favorite

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought I should get shopping.  A recent remodel of our local mall has brought in new stores.  I have never before been inside a Burlington Coat Factory.

Until today.

Following a doctors appointment, I found myself near the mall.  I thought I’d check out the recently opened Burlington Coat Factory.

I found the prices to be very reasonable, the brands of high quality and the variety of goods was impressive.  For some reason I thought the store sold only coats, which is not at all the case.

I was able to finish my shopping for my mom and my three daughters in a very short time. I decided to focus on kitchen items for them all. Three will receive all the same items, while the forth will receive a complete set of a particular kitchen necessity. Since each one has a kitchen of her own at this point, it seemed a good idea to give things to stock (or restock) them.

Having been married nearly 30 years, I have often laughingly suggested we need periodic “replacement” showers…since everything given a couple at their bridal showers and as wedding gifts wear out around the same time.  I know, a silly thought on my part…

Dare to dream, people.

My Christmases have been filled with household items like towels, dishes, pots and pans. These may not be exciting gifts like diamonds, for example, but they have been some of the most appreciated. My Wolfgang Puck pots and pans have been a joy to use for several years now.  The set of red dishes were also favorites, alas gravity has taken them…The large, absorbant spa-worthy towels were luscious following my relaxing/refreshing baths. Each one of these gifts thrilled me for years.

While Christmas is not about the gifts we give, the truth is I worry about what I give my loved ones. I have spent a great deal of time in years past making things for my family. Last year I gave all the women on my list spa baskets. I filled them with homemade soaps, lotions, bath salts, lip gloss, and creams in several scents. I made eye masks filled with flax seed and lavendar, corn bags to heat for neck wraps and back pads, smaller corn bags to heat and carry in pockets as hand warmers, scented candles, homemade note cards and stationary and a beautiful pen. I included a lovely Christmas ornament and journal and the spa package was complete.

These were not really appreciated as I thought they would be.  In fact, the entire basket I gave one to of my daughters was included in our yard sale this summer…

Which has led me to the painful decision to only give store bought gifts. I prefer to be creative and make gifts for the ones I love, but if those aren’t appreciated by the recipient there is no point to it. My first choice for gifts this year is gift cards. While I had planned on that for my daughters, I hate watching people open gift cards. There is no excitement or anticipation when you give a gift card to Barnes and Noble. And you have no idea what the recipient ended up with.

There are gift receipts for all the gifts I purchased this year, which makes returning them easier.

You know, after writing this post, I’m thinking I should have stuck with the original plan of gift cards…

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