Relax. Life isn’t Over.

Ok.  We are all rather stunned by the unexpected outcome of the election.  The polls were so far off with their predictions, most of us were knocked for a loop when Hillary lost.

But the truth is this:  the world continues to turn.

Even when we are split down the middle, this counrty will survive. Remember, half the country was against President Obama too. Now the other half is in the drivers seat.

There are checks and balances in place which prevent any one part of the government from having to much power.  This is a good thing whether your person won or not. It’s time everybody gets a grip and takes a breath.

The good news is if you are struggling with soul sucking financial burdens, there appears to be tax cuts on the horizon. If you hated Obama-care and all that entails, it seems it will be repealed. And the stock market is up.

This election is not the end of the world as we know it, any more than any other election has been. Americans are resiliant people, and we will come together as one country, under God. Because that is who we are as a country and who we will continue to be.

Now relax, my friends. We will be fine.

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