Surgery, Moving and the Loss of a Good Man

My mother-in-law had surgery on both her right arm and right ankle.  She has been in the hospital since the accident and was moved to the rehab center this afternoon.  If all goes well, she should be back home by Christmas.

A good man, Jon Lindh, passed away recently.  Although he was an average man in the eyes of some, in my life he was extraordinary.  Jon believed in me at a time when my life was in shambles, my health was failing and I had lost my way.  He was a mentor and a friend when life slammed me into the ground.

Jon was a devoted family man and married the love of his life, Wynonna.  Together they raised two boys and an alligator named Petey.  Theirs was a beautiful love story.  Jon saw Wynonna from across the room and said to his companions, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

And he did.

Jon was a great big man.  6’6″, if I remember correctly, and he had a belly laugh that was a delight to hear.  He lead an interesting life. From having an exotic pet store and an indoor race track to working at Sears, the man made the most of every job and every opportunity.  He was a consummate salesman and utterly charming.  Jon was also an accomplished artist and helped design my dragon.

Jon won’t be remembered in history books as a person who changed the world.

But for those of us who had the great privilege of knowing him, and calling him friend, he changed our world.  Jon made our lives better because he was in it.  I loved him and will miss him.

Rest well, my dear friend.  You’ve earned it.


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