DIY Planner

I made this wonderful DIY planner based upon the tutorial I found from Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter.

The pockets were made from heavy cardstock from my stash and tape found at Dollar Tree.  The large paper clips and the sticky note packages were also from Dollar Tree.  The three ring Avery binder came from Walmart.

I made the dashboards (dividers) from printed cardstock.  Lindsay uses a laminator, but I don’t have one.  I realize they won’t wear very well, but this is a “trial run” planner for me as I’ve never used one before.  If I find that I really like it and want to continue using it, I’ll buy a machine to laminate my papers.

The cost of the binder at Walmart was $3.50, I think.  There were paper package inserts for these mini binders, but they were $2.65 each.  No way.

I went home and cut printer paper in half, punched three holes in them and added several pages to each section.  If you wanted, you could do the same thing with lined paper.  Although I haven’t yet, I will be printing month at a glance pages and possibly a few others.

It didn’t take very long to put it together.  I realize it’s not as cute as many, but it has everything I think I will need to organize my everyday life.  The thing has to work, as well as look good.  There is no sense in having a planner if you never use it, so why spend a fortune on one before you know if you’ll even like it?  Silly.

Although I spent more on my planner than the brilliant Lindsay, it was still very inexpensive compared to most.  I didn’t count the cost of what I had in my stash, as that was here already, but the rest of it cost right around $7 bucks.  With the cost of printing free organizational papers from the internet, let’s just say it will be $8.00 in total.

That’s downright impressive, if you ask me.  And the beauty is, you can decorate this binder any way you like and with whatever materials you have on hand.  I made several more pockets, which don’t fit into the binder, from old file folders.  You could use old book pages as your paper inserts.  You could add a ribbon and tie a pretty bow to keep your binder closed.  (I am using elastic headbands from Dollar Tree.)  You could change out the covers with the seasons or your mood.  These little planners can be both personal and  specific to your needs.

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One Response to DIY Planner

  1. Kristen Leigh says:

    DIY planners are the best! I made one too – you can check it out on my blog!


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