Art Materials Haul!!

Well, it’s like Christmas morning here today!  My orders from both Jerry’s and Blick’s just arrived.

Jerry’s also sent a Jerry’s everywhere light with my order.  It has two settings for LED light, is light weight and portable.  It plugs in but will also take batteries for Plein Air painting adventures…This is a really handy little light and gives just what I need at my work table.

The Masterson Sta-Wet paint palette seems to be the perfect answer for my paint problem.  I create a lot of art work and often have to stop during the process for a family/kid thing.  I have lost paint from the natural drying process which occurs.  My goal is to prevent the drying out of my paints for as long as possible.  This palette has reviews which said the paints stays moist and usable for 7 days.  I doubt I will need them to remain usable for 7 days, as I cannot imagine what would keep me from working for that length of time, but it’s nice to know.

Many mediums arrived in the mail and I am creating a board, like the ones you see at Hobby Lobby and Micheals, with examples of the mediums and how they blend with paint.  I want to know exactly what my materials will do and how to make them work for my particular art practice.

Due to some emergency kidney stone issues this morning, I haven’t been able to create a painting with my really cool new stuff.  I hope to paint tonight.

This has been a delightful day, other than that kidney stone thing, and I am so excited to use these supplies.  The absorbent ground is the one I am most looking forward to using…Apparently you can create some really fun techniques with this particular ground on your canvases.

I will be sharing my art adventures with you…

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