Daily Art Practice

I have a daily art practice.  What that means is I create something each and every day.  Whether that is an acrylic painting, a watercolor, art journal pages, something is created every day.

And there are days I am incredibly creative and productive, and there are days I have to force myself to create something.


Just do it.

Today was a challenging day for me.  Nevertheless, I have created a fun cat painting, I put all my information and materials into my Big Art Quest book, I have been working on art journal covers, I made some more acrylic skins, and finished up some UFO’s (unfinished objects).

Today’s surprise was my early morning start.  I began painting at 2:30 this morning.  4 hours of sleep and I’ve been working since then.

Now I’m having a serious problem with the vast amounts of work I am producing.  Where on earth am I going to store this stuff?  I have stacks of finished paintings, portfolios filled with my watercolor art, and canvases drying everywhere.

And, of course, I just thought of a fantastic idea for a painting…It’s a multi-media piece, and one which will take a substantial amount of time to complete, due to the complexity of the design and the actual materials used.  But the finished piece will be amazing-at least it is in my minds eye…and the thing will be huge!

My point of this post is this:  sometimes when you push through a tough day with creating, you will reach an idea or project you would never have thought of any other way.  Had I not been forcing myself to finish up some UFO’s today, I would never have had those diverse things on my work table.  Which is what gave me the idea for the next project.  After the skins project.  Which comes after the huge watercolor painting I’m starting, once I’ve stretched the paper…

Make a list of projects and ideas for yourself.  Have them close by and when an idea crosses your mind, write it down.  This is an invaluable resource for those times when inspiration is gone and you need to do something.  I also encourage you to begin a daily art practice.  Create something every single day, even if it’s just a small sketch or doodle.  Creating gives us the mental health boost that is so important in this stressful world.  Think of it as a vitamin for your soul.

If anyone has suggestions or ideas for storing completed art work, please share them.  I am really becoming overwhelmed with my paintings.  Acrylics can stick together, so I am varnishing all of the paintings I want to keep or possibly sell.  I’m gessoing others to re-use the canvas, but I am still drowning in the sea of paintings.

This is a down side to having a daily art practice and being a very fast painter.  But the positives far out weigh the negatives.  My art has improved tremendously in the few months since I began the daily art practice, and my heart is happier by the use of creativity.  Please give the daily art practice thing a try.  I think you will find it incredibly helpful in so many ways.

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