My Deepest Sympathy

goes out to those who have experienced kidney stones.

This is a long drawn out process, evidently.  This began Friday and continues to today…

The pain is unique.  Difficult to describe, as it feels like fire moving very slowly through my renal system…Until I actually have to urinate the stones out-then it’s like a hot burning poker being forced out of me.

And no, gentlemen, child birth still tops this.  And this is nothing compared to my really bad headaches.

Nevertheless, it has taken quite a bit out of me.  It’s not even 7:30 and my eyes are drooping.  I only worked on creating my Art Quest book today, didn’t even paint…

The papers I’ve been doing the art quest on are larger than your average 3 ring binder.  So I wanted to create my own, unique book.  I have had lousy results so far.  The book was to big for my usual book binding, and made so thick I was unable to find rings which would work well.

I resorted to an old scrapbook.  I mean an old one, like from the 1950’s.  I am aware it is not archival.  I removed all the papers from it and put in watercolor paper and sketch paper.  I can attach any of my loose papers into it by creating pockets.  This is a post book, so there is limited space for pages.

Since I was making this book, and the pages were to large, I cut off 4″ and made a second book.  More of a desktop-type book.  In it, I’ll put all my recipes for color mixing my acrylics.

I’ve cut out 12 sock monkeys to create my own color wheel.

I cleaned the work room.  It really only needs to be tidied up a bit.  I cleaned really well when I re-organized.

And now I can barely keep my eyes open.

Exhaustion.  After doing absolutely nothing…I need to feel better tomorrow.  I don’t have time for this stuff.

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