Acrylic Skins

After an unpleasant few days, I have jumped back into painting.  My desire to create unique and spectacular things has led me to search out other paint ideas and options.  One of these is acrylic paint skins.

I have used paint skins in the past, for jewelry making.  They are fun to work with, but I didn’t think about using them in an actual painting.  Now I am thinking about using them to create the entire painting.

The skins are easy to make.  I just smear acrylic paint on my no stick silicone baking sheets, purchased specifically for art work-never used for food, and let the paint dry a day or two.  When it’s dry, it will peel right off the surface.  You can cut it into what ever shape you want and add it to your painting with a gel medium.  If you want the paint to be quite transparent, add it to the glazing medium and smear that over the silicone baking sheet.  Let dry and use as desired.  Combining a couple different colors on the sheet is easy too.  Just pour out the color, dribble the second, third or forth color over the top of the wet paint, then I use a tooth pick or old paintbrush handle and swirl the paint through each other.  I’m careful not to over blend them, as I think they look nicer with a minimum amount of mixing.  Let dry and you have a lovely marbled skin to work with.

You can attach them to glass to create a stained glass effect, layer them to create a 3D effect on your painting, wad them up to use as beads, add to any multi-media project…There are many options for this fun medium.

If you want, you can pour the acrylic paint onto any non-stick surface.  Garbage bags work well for this, and once the paint is dry you can stack the garbage bags and skins on top of each other.  Just make sure you keep the non stick surface between each sheet of skins.  Then you cut up what you want as you need it.  Easy to store and easy to use.

I’ve just thought of my next project with skins!  Stay tuned and I’ll post when it’s completed.

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