Frugal Paint Savers

I am a painter.  This is what I do.

Since I paint a lot, sometimes several paintings a day, I often find I have to much paint on my acrylic palette.  While I have successfully sucked paint back up into the tube, it is a bit of a pain in the butt to do.  My stay-wet palette solution is somewhat effective, but I would rather not leave paint out where the kids or dogs can get to it.

Dollar Tree to the rescue!

I found clear containers with lids-8 in a package-at Dollar Tree.  They are very small, perfect for holding the tiny amounts of paint I often have left over on the palette.  I just scoop the paint off the palette, pop on the lid and toss it into the drawer that holds that color.

If you wanted, you could label the top with the color inside.  I don’t bother with this as I have a pretty good eye for color and can tell what the color is just by looking at it.  It also helps if you use a standard set of colors for most of your paintings.  I have 5 or 6 colors I use in nearly every painting, so chances are the left over paint is probably one of those.

These would also work well for a travel kit.  If you filled each of these little tubs with paint you would have quite a bit of each color.  Probably enough for a painting or two while traveling.  You can also put your mediums into them and won’t have to tote the larger tubs from your studio with you.

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