Back Home Again.

This past weekend we went to St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It was a lovely weekend.

Each year for the past 21 years there is a truck and light show held in St. Ignace.  We walked around the town and saw 192 trucks this year.  On Saturday night the trucks went through town showing off their paint jobs and all their lights.  The smell of diesel was heavy in the air and Jake Brakes were music to our ears.

Some of these rigs are truly amazing.  The specialty paint jobs and custom interiors were just beautiful.  My favorites were the classic, vintage trucks.  Some were restored farm trucks, some were restored straight trucks, some were vintage pick up trucks.  Just gorgeous, each and every one.

The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall was also there, and the name of the only person I know who died in the Vietnam war jumped right out at me.  I couldn’t believe it!  What are the chances of finding that one name out of all of those on the wall?  I wasn’t even looking for it.  I just stopped before a section, looked straight ahead and there it was, staring back at me.

I didn’t purchase any souvenirs.  Just brought home some fudge.  I did take many, many pictures from the balcony of our hotel-which was right on the water.  And from the main area of town, where the ferry goes across to Mackinaw Island.  We could see the island from our hotel balcony, as well as the four floating pillars where the boats used to tie up.  I have pictures of the light house, the ferry boats, sailboats, the marina, and countless shots of the gorgeous sky with the islands and boats silhouetted, and, of course, the bridge.  I will have plenty to paint, that’s for sure.

This is the first time I recall ever seeing the bridge.  I have been into the UP once before, but I suspect I had my head hidden beneath a pillow when we crossed the bridge.  This time I did great crossing the bridge.  I realized if I didn’t look out and down I was ok.  If I looked down-then I started to freak a bit-so I looked back outward toward the island.  Went really well.

I did have to take Dramamine for motion sickness, as it is quite a long drive.  About 5 1/2 hours from here.

We saw many people we know up there as well.  Scott and I plan to go up with just the two of us for a weekend.  We can nose around the shops and just relax.  This weekend was fun, but there wasn’t time for relaxing.

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