The New and Improved Workroom!


My desk from the art journaling area


Doorway is covered with canvas


the dark bookcase holds my papers and special books

This process has taken a long time, but I know where everything is and exactly what I have.  This is a huge relief and has unleashed a new wave a creativity.

A couple observations:

I had no idea how much watercolor paper I had because I had it stored all over the place.  Now I know what I have, where it is and that I don’t need to purchase anymore for a very long time.

The small plastic drawer carts have wheels for rolling, which I didn’t attach when I put them together.  I have added them and am thrilled with the ease with which the plastic drawers move.  The stack of them nearest my computer hold all my acrylic paints, separated by color, and will probably be moved next to the tall cabinet by the easel.  I use a table top easel-hanging from the pink peg boards-to do my acrylic painting currently.   This is inconvenient because it’s to high to sit at and to low to stand at.  Also, my lighting in the area over my desk isn’t the best.  Yet.

Since I have no running water in my workroom, I keep emptied gallon milk jugs filled with water for my painting.  I have one for fresh water and one for waste water.  When these are full/empty I take them upstairs and empty one and refill the other.  Also beneath my work desk, which is actually a sewing table, I have cleaning supplies, supplies to make my own gesso and pastes, some of the larger containers of gels and mediums, and larger bottles of soft bodied paints.

Through out this experience I have developed a real appreciation for those who live in small spaces.  My work room is small, and was crammed packed full of stuff.  Now I have far less stuff and far more space.

More importantly it’s also out of my mind.  My brain was cluttered and over stuffed with the crap that was cluttering my work room.  I could not escape the visual clutter, the emotional clutter, the overwhelming sense of chaos.  There was no way to create with abandon when I could not even walk from the doorway to my desk without tripping over stuff.

Utter and complete nonsense!

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