Today continued the organizational push and garage sale sorting.  My husband and I went through all the totes in the family room, where they are stored currently, and emptied several of them.  We carried clothes, books, purses, furniture, countless storage containers and knick-knacks out of the basement and into the trailer.  We will have so much more for the yard sale than I thought possible!  Between our family we have taken three trailers, two truck loads and several car loads full of stuff.

Where did all of it fit in here?

The peg boards are up and I am slowly filling them.  We moved the comfortable Baker Furniture chair into my workroom, which takes up far less space than the love seat, and also the large floor easel for my acrylic painting.  It seems each day brings me closer to a finished work room, but each day I make more chaos and mess while pulling it together.  My hope is very soon it will all be as it needs to be and I can continue to create the stuff I love to create.  Right now, I am suffering tremendously from the lack of creative expression.

I need to fling some paint around here, people!

Pictures soon!

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