Quick DIY Stay Wet Palette

I have been creating acrylic paintings like a fiend.  I am, on average, making 3 16 x 20 acrylic paintings per day.  I am trying to find a way to use a wet-palette for my acrylics, as I am using up tons of paint each day.

Clive5art is an artist I really enjoy on You Tube.  He has a wet palette he uses, which is metal.  Here’s where the idea came from, as I have never used a wet palette before.

I have plastic boxes which hold 12×12 scrapbook papers.  They open up, but I have them in a storage container, which makes the tops frustrating for me.  I have removed them.  This removed top is what I used this morning to make the wet palette.

I would recommend using a cheap, disposable food storage box which you can pick up at the Dollar Tree for a buck.  I didn’t have one available today, so I used what I did have.

Cheap chamois-type cloths are available at the Dollar Tree as well.  It is called the Hardware + Mechanics Shammy.  I used this, cut to fit my plastic top.  I moistened this with distilled water.  On top of this I added parchment paper, also from the Dollar Tree.  My box top is larger than my paper, so I just put on two sheets and overlapped them.  I sprayed them lightly with my spray bottle of distilled water to moisten them before I added my paint.

Then I added my paint and created the ballet shoes, which is Cinnamon Cooney’s original design.  I am creating all these paintings for a fund raiser for one of my theatre kids who has been in a horrific accident.  She broke both legs, both ankles and 3 or 4 vertebrae in her back.  I contacted Cinnamon and asked permission to use her original designs for this purpose.  She was very gracious and agreed enthusiastically!

Here are some of the paintings I have made so far:


Tardis, theartsherpa original design


Red Riding Hood, theartsherpa original design

I will only sell those paintings, which are not my original designs, with the permission of the original artist.  I will not use anyone’s designs and sell them without permission.  Just so you know.

This is one thing that I find very important.  Respecting the work of artists.  They make a huge effort to create their original artwork and it is just flat-out wrong to take their designs and then sell it for profit.  (In my case I am selling these things for charity, but you take my meaning here.)  Please, when you are painting something from a you-tube video or from something you have seen on-line, do not sell that art work unless you have permission to do so.  This should go without saying, but it happens all the time.

I have to say I enjoy spatter painting.  This is a technique I have used many times, but never as an art piece.  I found I enjoyed the freedom and randomness of the technique and hope to continue creating more pieces this way.  I will share my original designs and art work with you, as well as the pieces I have been creating for the fund raiser.

Please share any of your art work here as well.  We are a creative group and encouraging each other in our art journey is a good thing.

Have a creative and blessed day!

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