Make Art Everyday Challenge

The “make art everyday” challenge continues for me.  I have been creating like crazy.  Today was the Eiffel Tower, Alice in Wonderland, and Sunset and Shadows.  Yesterday was the star ship, Enterprise and the Lion King, the Sea Turtle and a fire-breathing dragon.  The week has been packed with painting and creating.

We are having a garage sale to raise money for our puppetry group.  We hope to go to the National Convention, which is quite costly.  Our goal is to raise money for the trip and for the materials needed to create puppets.  The materials are expensive.

So, in the spirit of cooperation and joining together with my fellow puppeteers, I have enthusiastically embraced the garage sale idea.

What a joke-I just want all this crap out of my house!

Since Bill and Joe live about 40-45 minutes from my home, this is a significant undertaking.  I have brought a couple of car loads over there, but yesterday was the largest delivery yet.  A pick up truck and trailer filled with stuff has left this place and gone on to the garage sale at Bill’s.  The trailer will be parked here for me to re-load and haul back to Bill’s every time it’s filled.

I hope to fill it every single day.  We will have to store the stuff on the lawn, covered with tarps.  There is no where else for it to go.

Then on the 27th and 28th, Yard Sale!!!

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