Under the Table

Here we are, in the basement beneath a table, waiting out the tornado warning.  A tornado was sighted, moving straight for us at 25 miles per hour.

The weather around here has been weird.  Really weird.

It is dry as tinder, with almost no rain.

Days later:

Here’s an update.  While I was sitting here typing the above stuff, my daughter heard a noise in the other room.  She went to look and we had 4 inches of water in the half of our basement which holds my second daughter’s bedroom and our back storage room.  That room contains the furnace, chest freezers, my woodworking stuff, my husbands sign making materials and work space, my extra materials and supplies which won’t fit in this workroom, our exercise equipment and the kids extra toys.

All flooded.

To a rather breathtaking extent, really.

I phoned our insurance company and was told flooding is not covered under any home owners insurance policy in the United States and that without an added policy which specifies flooding, we were out of luck.

I explained the branch that broke the window which let the water in should surely be covered by our homeowners policy.  Actually, no, I was informed.

So I asked why on earth I have spent 30 years purchasing home owners insurance, if not to be protected from this exact type of situation.  I asked: “If the tornado had taken the roof off the house, that would be covered but the water damage caused by the lack of roof would not be covered?  Is this correct?”  Apparently, that would be a different situation.  But, not all things are covered under a typical home owners policy.

The woman on the phone said, “Well, you know we were struck by lightening and…”  I interrupted.  I said, “We have been struck by lightening 7 times since building this house and we have never pursued a claim for any of it.  I want to know exactly what I am paying home owners insurance for.”

Ignoring that, she said, “You also have a $1000.00 dollar deductible.  Do you really think you have more than one thousand dollars worth of damage?”

So I begin adding up the damage I can see while on the phone:

Busted window, all our stuff in 4″ of water, all my daughters books standing in water, the clean up and cost of repairs to the drywall and trim…So, yeah, pretty sure it’s more than a thousand bucks.

Then she said the thing that really ticked me off:  “Well, at least no one was injured…That’s a blessing.”

Absolutely, that is a blessing.  Absolutely, I am thankful no one was injured.  But I was also standing in a flooded home, with a huge mess and countless hours of work ahead of me to clean it up.

Sometimes things are bad enough just the way they are.

To have a smug office person instruct me to remember my blessings in the face of catastrophe was really more than I could take.  I wanted to get in my car, go to that office and indulge in a heated screaming moment.

Of course, I did not do that.  I, instead, went and rented the carpet cleaner.  I used it to suck up the vast amount of water in the basement.  Then we emptied the destroyed stuff out of the house, laid out the savable stuff to dry and put on all the fans we could get our hands on.

Then we fell into bed, exhausted.

My heart is broken for all those who are experiencing the tragedy of flooding across our country.  My prayers are with them all.

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