Tornado, Rain, Flooding and Insurance

Yesterday a tornado came through our area.  It didn’t do vast amounts of damage, a very small amount, really.  Unless you’re one of those who have experienced the damage.

We experienced damage.

A tree limb broke the window.  Which let in vast amounts of the rain that came down in buckets for a very brief length of time.  This flooded our finished basement, 3 to 4 inches of water in my daughters room and our back room.

I phoned our insurance company.

I was told we have coverage if our pump failed.  But there is no coverage for flooding in any insurance policy written in United States.

So I said, “But wait.  The tree limb went through the window, opening up a space for the rains to come in which would not normally be there, this caused the flooding to occur.  That should certainly be covered by insurance.  So should the damage to our possessions which are destroyed by the water.”

No, that is not covered.  That is a flood problem, which is not covered unless there was a failure by our pump to remove the water.

So I asked, if the tornado had taken off the roof of the house-that would be covered.  But any water damage done to our home due to the lack of roof would not be covered.  Is this correct?

She said, “Well, that would be a different situation.”

She said she would open a claim for us, but with our $1000 dollar deductible, which has to be met first, it’s unlikely anything would be covered under our policy.  Because it seems to her, we don’t have over $1000.00 in damages.

I admit, I became somewhat upset about this interaction.

I asked why we have paid 30 years worth of homeowners insurance, never once making a claim, to be told we have no coverage for this incident.  She said, “Well that sort of thing does happen.  We were struck by lightening once and…”

I interrupted.  “Our home has been struck 7 times by lightening, and we never made a claim for any of them.  A tree goes through a window, causing loss of property and destruction to my home, and you tell me that is not covered.  If that sort of thing is not covered, then why on earth do I pay you for insurance.  This is exactly the sort of thing you purchase insurance for.  Those things that happen which are out of your control.  Figure this out, and do it now.”

And I hung up.

Then I went out to rent the carpet cleaner from the store and sucked up gallons of water with it.  We still have water clean up to do, but it is in the unfinished back room of our home, and I haven’t gotten there yet.

My daughters room is cleaned up, emptied for the most part, and I plan to paint the room while it’s all torn apart.  It is a soft blue with large, multi colored stop-sign shaped patterns on the walls.  Looked great when the girls were young teenagers, but they are older now and can use a more mature paint scheme.  I might as well while the room is empty-ish.  And I already have the paint.







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