The Art Sherpa Rocks, Part Deux

As most of you know, I have worked in theatre for 15 years.  I work with area schools as well as most of the community theaters in the area.  In this capacity, I have met many, many students.  One of my theatre kids is Jackie McNulty.

Jackie has had a tough life.  She’s an incredible girl with a wonderful personality and outlook on life.  She is, in short, an absolute delight.

A few weeks ago Jackie fell from a second story roof while trying to rescue her cat.  She broke both legs, both ankles and 3 or 4 vertebrae in her spine.

Jackie was recently released from the hospital and is residing with a friend of hers who has a one-level home which can accommodate Jackie’s wheelchair and mobility needs.

Since Jackie has been working several jobs to pay for her college education, this has been a tremendous set-back for her.  She receives no help from her father, and her mother died when she was very young.  Jackie is a 19 year old completely on her own in the world.  Now with staggering injuries to overcome and a huge financial burden as well.

My dear friend, Jackie Carpenter, has preformed a one-woman show for the American Association of Community Theatres for the Spring 2015 competition.  We worked together to create the Belle of the Bijou production and it was very well received.  It was Jackie Carpenter’s idea to relaunch the show as a fund raiser for Jackie McNulty’s medical and financial needs.

I am helping to put this on, of course, and thought of another opportunity to raise money for our little peanut, Jackie McNulty.  Why not sell the paintings I have been making at the shows-we are having two of them on Saturday, August 27th at the Holland Civic Theatre building on 9th Street and River in Holland, MI.  This idea seemed fairly likely to raise money for the cause, so I sent Cinnamon Cooney an e-mail asking her permission to sell these paintings which are her original designs.

Cinnamon answered almost instantly with a very enthusiastic “YES!”  I was so happy she approved the request!  It was such a relief to be able to offer this additional money raiser for Jackie!

Not only did Cinnamon give permission, she also asked if she could include Jackie McNulty in one of her “wishes” which she puts on every painting before she paints it.  It is similar to a “sending prayers your way” thing, but in a non-religious context.  This was just a delightful idea and I was so excited Cinnamon suggested it!  Not only will those wishes be put on one of Cinnamon’s paintings, but it will also be talked about on her you-tube video for that painting. This will be there for ever on you-tube for Jackie McNulty to see and also to feel the love poured out for her and her healing.

Isn’t that fantastic?!?  I cannot imagine the boost it will give Jackie in her emotion and physical healing to know there are people all over the world wishing for good health and complete healing for her.  What a blessing!

So I am now more determined than ever to paint until I cannot paint any more.  I made three more paintings yesterday before the tornado/flood experience, and plan to make several cards today.  I hope to combine 6 different watercolor cards in each group and sell them for $30.00 per package.  I may also make some watercolor earrings to throw in there as well.

My goal is to raise $500.00 bucks from my artwork for Jackie McNulty’s fundraiser.  I think I can do that pretty easily, if I price my artwork reasonably and offer a wide variety of options to choose from.  Whatever does not sell at the shows will be packed up and I will sell them from my website, once I have it built.  Both the watercolor cards and jewelry are selling well at the brick and mortar store, Possessions, in Douglas Michigan.  Which makes me confident I will be able to sell them from my website too.

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