The Art Sherpa ROCKS!


This is the painting I made this morning.  My mom has a love for lions and I painted this for her.  I found the tutorial on theArtSherpa.  Cinnamon is an amazing lady who has the patience to teach others how to blend acrylics.  This is not the easiest to do, I have been painting with acrylics for years and years.  This one is a long tutorial.

I have very little patience with lengthy paintings.  I am an incredibly fast painter and can whip stuff out really quickly.  But I stuck with her and did the whole tutorial.  She has a printable you can use, if sketching it isn’t your thing.  While I was getting hungry and quite tired of painting the Lion, I am really pleased with the way he turned out.  I like the colors and the work on values was a great way to refresh my skills.  (Remember, I haven’t painted an art piece in acrylics for years and years.)

My mom and dad stopped by while I was painting it and my mom wasn’t as thrilled with it as I had hoped she would be.  The colors are not her favorites.  Maybe it will go to my husband for his office wall instead.

Nevertheless, it was fun to paint and I enjoyed myself tremendously.  It is so satisfying to have a finished art piece ready for hanging when it’s finished.  With watercolor you have to frame (and mat) the piece before you can hang it on the wall.  And while I have several frames ready to go, the matting and framing of the artwork is not my favorite thing.  This definitely tips the scale toward acrylics, as far as convenience and ease of finishing goes.

My lion looks a bit crabby compared to Cinnamon’s but I’m still pleased with it.  I am whipping up acrylics at an alarming rate and will soon have to restock my paints.  The lion took a tremendous amount of paint to complete.  But I should use up what I have anyway.  Paint does have a shelf life, and mine are all a couple years old.

The Daler Rowley paints were fine, although I had trouble with the black.  It did not give me the darkness I wanted, so I mixed Pthaylo Blue, Pthaylo Green, burnt sienna and Cad Red.  Resulted in a nice, rich dark.  I don’t really like using black anyway, I find it dulls the painting.

I am all about mixing colors to get what I want.  I hope you guys will give it a try.  If you use no more than six colors per painting, you will get a nice picture in which all the colors blend well together.  Always use the same colors you started with to mix the other colors you want.  The base of the color will already be in your painting somewhere, and will cause the painting to harmonize well.  Using a limited palette is a wonderful way to learn to mix your paints to create all sorts of wonderful colors.

Speaking of that:  The Mejello Mission Gold paints arrived last night.  Which is amazing shipping all the way from Korea!

Here are the sheets that accompanied the paints.  I think it’s great they have laid out the colors to create 54 colors from the 24 set.  You can make more-obviously-but these are the most used artist colors.  It’s great to have the palette laid out too.  I am looking forward to using these paints, but I would like to purchase a palette with a cover for these.  The palette that came with it will work great for my Chinese Watercolor paints, but I prefer to have a covered palette for my traditional watercolors.

I’ll give a full review after I have painted a few things with these paints.  The Spin Doctor has a very interesting article on these paints.  Honestly, had I read his information before I ordered these I’m not sure I would have.

Nevertheless, I will give you an honest review once I’ve used them.

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2 Responses to The Art Sherpa ROCKS!

  1. Spiked philly says:

    I like her tutorials, but I get tired of listening to her and her husband fight for talk-time. Lately, she’s been dropping political hints, and she needs to steer clear of that. I don’t think it matters what the black population was at her college!!! If she keeps up with this, I will stick with Painting with Jane. I like her art, and her personality, much better!


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