Plein Air

I continue to collect things for my Pochade box.  Today I found an aluminum travel easel at Hobby Lobby for 9 bucks.  It fits into my Pochade box and I will have an easy to use set up with this thing.  Very simple to fold up and put away and weighs nearly nothing.

I may have to include acrylics in my Pochade box now.  Since I’ve rediscovered painting with acrylics, I may find myself inspired to do that out in the open.

Today I broke down and purchased another paper bead roller.  I have been using the ones I made from bamboo skewers, but I really prefer the metal ones.  And since I still haven’t found my bead making box, I had to go out and get another one.

My mom likes the Lion painting.  I dropped it off at their house this afternoon. They weren’t home at the time so I left it in their sun room.  Which is where my mom decided to hang it.  She says it looks nice against the knotty pine wood.  Most of the room is painted a buttercream color, but one wall is still the original stained wood.  My dad really likes the lion up against that.

I’m on to the next painting…

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