Mission Gold Paints by Mijello

Here is the color swatch I made from the Mission Gold Paints.  I made several of the combinations, but did not have enough spaces in my palette for all of them.  I think I’m missing three.  Anyway, I swatched out the colors to give you a sense of what they look like.

So far, I really like these paints.  The colors are vibrant and the mixes look terrific.  I have no idea how they will hold up as far as light fastness goes.  The Spin Doctor doesn’t seem to think they will hold up as well as true artist quality paints, but they are very pretty on the paper.

I like the color combination idea which is included in the pamphlet.  You combine two or three of the pure pigment paints to create commonly used colors.  This worked quite well, although I need to let the paints dry in the palette for about a week before I use them.  The combinations used up a great deal of the paint.  Some tubes are nearly empty, and they are 15 m.l. tubes.

I love the vibrancy of these paints!  They are gorgeous!  Luscious colors and they flow beautifully too.  I’m hoping they will be light fast.  The paper included says they are very light fast, so I guess we’ll see.

The shipping was crazy fast!  It arrived two days after I ordered them.

Seriously, TWO days.

From Korea.

Why on earth can’t the US postal service do that?

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