Breaking out of my Creative Rut, Part Deux

As I suggested yesterday, getting away from your usual techniques or medium can really open you up to more fun and excitement than you have had in awhile.

I began, years and years ago, my artwork with acrylics.  I have since moved on to set design and painting, very occasionally painting murals, etc.  I have not actually created a painting using acrylics in years.

Cinnamon Cooney is the ArtSherpa.

She is a fantastic artist who offers on-line tutorials for acrylic painting.  Since she’s offering classes in acrylic painting, I thought I would check her out.

What fun!  I had such a great time painting along with her.  These are both very simple paintings to render, and I just relaxed and enjoyed myself listening to her.  I think she has some more complicated tutorials available as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and encourage anyone interested in acrylic painting to check her out.  Cinnamon and her husband John are both delightful people and I wish we were friends in real life!  Her hair color changes as often as mine does!

Honestly, I had such a great time painting today, I ran out to Walmart and bought canvases and some more paints.  I picked up the Daler Rowney set of 24 acrylic paints from Walmart for $12.00.  The canvases came in packs of three-16″x20″for $7.75.  The brushes I ordered from Jerry’s have not arrived yet, so I picked up two packs of synthetic brushes as well.  They were each 4.95 per package.

I have Liquitex and Golden acrylic paints, but since I wanted to do quite a bit of painting-inexpensively-I grabbed the Daler Rowney paints to supplement my good stuff.  They are perfectly fine paints, although the coverage is not as nice as the Liquitex or Golden paints.  Still great paints for those just starting out, or for those on a limited budget.  I have been quite pleased with them so far.

Honestly, guys, give something new a try.  It will refresh your mind and your spirit!

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