Creative Roll!

I mentioned I had painted several small watercolor paintings this past Monday.

Well, I haven’t stopped.

I’ve painted 14 9″x 12″ watercolors in two days.  I am having so much fun!

There are several watercolor artists who offer free tutorials and classes on watercolor techniques and I have been taking several classes.  (This is in addition to the on-line business classes I’m taking.)  I am trying new techniques, using my Chinese watercolor brushes and paints, sketching and using water soluble pencils, mixing my techniques as well as my paints-it’s glorious!

Each picture focuses on another technique, another brand of paint, using brushes I don’t often use…Mixing everything up to create something brand new and different from my usual style.

It is a refreshing, mind expanding, creative journey and one I encourage you to try.

It’s so easy to get into a creative rut.  We’ve all been there.

Here’s today’s challenge:

Grab an art material you don’t normally use.  Whether that is a forgotten brand of paint, using pastels rather than paint, using markers rather than colored pencils, creating in an art journal rather than on a sheet of paper, using masking fluid if you rarely do, doing a multi-media painting rather than using only one medium…The options are endless.

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and just have some fun.  After all, it’s only a sheet of paper-who cares how it turns out?!  Just let go and have a great time doing it.

You may find you discover something new that really resonates with you and you’ll want to incorporate it into your everyday work.  You may find something you absolutely hate to do-which is great too!  Knowing your taste and personal style is a journey we are all on. The journey is one that benefits as much from knowing what we don’t like as it does knowing what we do.

If you feel comfortable sharing your creations, please do so!  I’d love to see your work and I will continue to share mine with you.

Enjoy your day!


I am having so much fun creating these paintings!

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