Confession Time…

I was recently given a small amount of money for a job I did.  I must confess, I have been going through art materials withdrawal.  I have only purchased replacement items-essentials, in other words, for quite a long time.  I really wanted to buy some non-essentials with this “found” money.

Here is what I ordered:

Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Short Handled Brush Set

Silver Black Velvet Brush set of three


Mijello Mission Gold Paints with Palette

I am somewhat disappointed to find the palette that comes with the Mission Gold paints does not have a cover.  Nevertheless, the glowing recommendation from Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter regarding these paints was enough for me to rush out and get them.

My watercolor brush collection is sketchy, at best.  I have some brushes from the Plaid crafters line, I have some Loew-Cornell, some Princeton brushes, some Royal-Langnickle, a few Master’s Touch, one luscious cat’s tongue, and the rest are a mix of synthetics I grabbed when they were on sale.

Not that my brushes are not alright.  They are.  But I have heard you should put your money into good brushes and good paper before you worry about your paints.

I already bought several brands of watercolor paints, and I have a definite preference.  Since that’s where I spent my money in the beginning, I really need to focus on the brushes and papers.

My next purchase was Arches watercolor paper.  140lb. cold press watercolor blocks in 10″x14″ and 9″x12″ sizes.  Great sale prices on the Arches papers at Jerry’s right now.  I also ordered a Union Square cold press block, 12″x16″.  I’ve never used Union Square paper before, but they are hugely discounted and I thought I’d give them a try.

I have a pad of Arches-140lb 10″by 14″ cold press-and I have been afraid to use it!  It’s so expensive, I don’t want to waste it on my mediocre paintings.  I did use one sheet, I wet it down the center and ripped it in half, leaving a rough (or deckle) edge.  I painted two easy paintings on these two pieces of Arches.

What a difference!  I couldn’t believe it!  Everything works better on this stuff.  The paint flows beautifully, the painting just looks 100% better on this high quality cotton paper.  I cannot say enough good things about Arches.  My only problem with it is the cost.  It is astronomically expensive.  But if you’re painting something you intend to sell or treasure, it is definitely worth the investment to purchase this paper.

Then I grabbed several very inexpensive brushes for acrylics.  They are also hugely discounted, the brand is Creative Inspirations Dura-Handle Brushes, short handles.  A couple were less than a dollar.  Really excellent price for brushes.  I find acrylics to be so hard on brushes it’s a waste for me to buy the good quality ones.  I pretty much consider my acrylic brushes disposable, so I purchase the least expensive option that will do what I need them to do.  Here’s the rundown on the Creative Inspirations brushes:

1/4″ flat

1/2″ flat

1″ flat

and one each of

#2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 round

A nice variety which will do pretty much everything I need to do.  I’ll pick up a few angles, filberts, and liners as I find them.

I also ordered a LUKAS Watercolor studio travel box of 12 half pans for $11.59.  I saw the comparison between the Lukas Aquarell 1862 watercolor set and the studio travel box set offered by Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter.  I was impressed with the studio set.  It compared very favorably with the more expensive, artist quality Aquarell 1862 set.  I am always looking for travel kits for my watercolor Plein Air Porchade box I am creating, and this set will work perfectly.

It was exciting to order new artist materials and I’ll post the unboxing of them when they arrive.

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