Creative Day


We saw a bird just like this one while we were out for lunch last week. That bird’s name is Presley.


This one was fun! I painted two of these, as I enjoyed it so much!


Watercolor paintings I’ve made today while following Lindsay Weirich, the Frugal Crafter.

Since the last two weeks were devoted to puppetry, and theatre camp, I’ve really been missing my watercolor painting time.  Here are a few quick paintings I did late last night and this morning.  Since I’m new to watercolor-only since January-I like to work along with an instructor when I’m painting a picture.  Lindsay Weirich is one of the best I’ve found on line.

The friendly way she chats while teaching makes for a delightful experience.  I am taking several different courses right now, but I always go back to Lindsay and her charming, cheerful videos.

My mom has indicated an interest in watercolor.  We’re going to get together and paint.  Mom is a very talented artist.  Her medium of choice has always been charcoal, so this will be a new adventure for her.

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