Theatre Camp Completed!

The past two weeks have been rather busy for me, because I have been teaching puppetry to eight 9-12 year old students.

Yesterday was the day of their show.  The children performed scenes from well known shows, sang songs and did skits.

And performed with their puppets!  I was so very proud of them!  We worked extensively on the manipulation of the hand and mouth puppets and they all did great.  It is a counter-intuitive action and takes lots of practice to master.

Before the performance, I spoke to the audience briefly about the puppets we had made and studied during camp.  The kids made:

a stick puppet

a hand or glove puppet

a box finger puppet

felt finger puppets

a dragon sock puppet

shadow puppets

I created for them:

a marionette

a hand and mouth puppet

We also discussed animatronics, CG and traditional puppetry in movies and on TV.  I gave examples of some of the cool movies that used puppetry, gave a sentence or two on the history of the puppets or any special note of interest about a particular type of puppet.

Then we began the skit, which was very brief.  It was narrated, so the children didn’t have to learn lines.  They were able to remain focused on their puppets and keeping them animated, as well as proper mouth movements.

Later, several parents came up to me thanking me for all the work I had put into the puppetry classes.  Their kids just loved it!

Which is why I do what I do.  It’s always about the kids for me and to hear they all enjoyed themselves…Well, it makes the long hours of hard work worth every second.

I was also able to use up some of my materials, which cleared out an entire tote.  This makes room for other things I need to pack up.

I have continued to organize my work space.  I have two peg boards I would like to hang and some curtains to hide the bookshelves, which are all organized and labeled.  There are a few things that need to be repaired or replaced in here, but I’ll replace only as needed.  I don’t want to add to the stuff in here.


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