Today’s Creative Adventure

As I have mentioned, I am working on a product line.  One of my products is watercolor jewelry.  Here are some pictures of my latest creations, still drying and not completed yet.

Watercolor pendants and earrings.

Everything is drying.  They will all need a coat of sealer on the back and a second,  possibly third, coat on the front.  Then they will be attached with nickle-free findings and will become very hard-wearing jewelry.

Each piece is four layers, with a great deal of fiddly hand work.  These earrings took approximately forty hours so far.  Each layer is cut by hand, adhered to the next, painted and shaped, metal work attached, sanded, buffed, sanded again, edges painted, then sealed.   And the process is done this way for each shape and design.  There are only three shown here.  I have eight different designs made so far.

You really cannot see the beauty of the watercolor painting in these photos.  The depth of color and gorgeous shine that’s produced is really remarkable.  I am thrilled with these earrings, and wear the prototypes all the time.  They are very light and I wear them all day without even noticing they are in my ears.   I’ve received many, many compliments on them-which is wonderful to hear.  My hope is they will be well received in the shop, Possessions, as well.  If these are a success, I will be selling them here on my website too.

My next projects for sale will be arriving soon.  I have been working on a Christmas line, which I think will be quite fun, and have been working on digital artwork for downloads.  Really, the best option for designers is to sell their work digitally.  It is a much easier method in which to work, and the people who purchase the designs are free to use them as they desire-as long as it’s not commercially.  The original artist retains ownership of their work and it is easy for others to access.

A win-win as far as I can tell.

I hope you have been enjoying your weekend, and I will continue to share my work and my progress with you all.

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